December 04, 2007

Finally got tagged...

I've been tagged by Jena! 6 random new things that you might not know about me are....

I cut my foot open 9 inches from a slip n' slide when I was 16.

My two addictions.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people cross a crosswalk when they're not supposed to! I saw a guy get hit by a car right in front of the Wilkenson Center a few years ago because he ran across the street when he wasn't supposed to. He was fine. Stupid...but fine. Anyway, I get heated when this happens.

I've been to several different TV shows. The Weakest Link, Family Feud-(The Muppets vs. The Dixie Chics, Keith Urban, and Buck Owens), Jay Leno and The Price is Right (where the girl we were with actually won it all and we got to run up on stage!) It was a blast!

I want to go to a Doodlebops concert, probably more then Brynlie does :)

When I grow up I want to be a professional photoshoper and Martha Stewart.

Now I'm supposed to "tag" 6 people, but I know lots of you have already been tagged. So if you haven''re it!


  1. Oh Julie,
    What a delight to see your elf dancing and Martha Stewart hair. You are a funny girl. I don't know what time you have church, but we are blessing Gabe the Sunday before Christmas in third ward.. you are welcome to come!

  2. You look great as Martha Stewart. My dad can't get over how amazingly craft and talented you are. I think he would be your #1 support if you were to open your own Martha Stewart show...but of course Julie MacDonald show!

  3. Anonymous12/05/2007

    I will watch the doodlebops with you. =)

  4. i like what you've done with your hair!