April 16, 2008

Goldfish and bruises

This is how we know Brynlie isn't feeling right. If she falls asleep ANYWHERE but her bed. She hasn't been feeling well since we went to the park. And on a side note....why do goldfish crackers make people heave? I know at least 6 people that if they eat goldfish in the car it makes them car sick. And the last 2 times Brynlie's been sick she throws up after eating goldfish crackers. You think I would learn the first time not to give them to her when she isn't feeling well. Does anyone else have this same goldfish reaction?

This is a picture of the other DR. Macdonald and this last picture is of Brynlie the day before her birthday. She's totally accident prone these days. The bruise in the middle of her head was almost gone. She fell down the stairs at church when Papa was "watching" her :) Then got that massive beauty on the side of her head by flying into a wall when she was playing with friends. It stuck up like an inch in this picture, but you can't really tell. Then the little long one across her forehead was from falling out of the car while trying to show me how independent she can be and crawl into her car seat all by herself. I really don't beat my kids. It just appears that way.


  1. Marimom4/16/2008

    Okay...that's it!! I need to come take my babies...so they dont get bruises and given goldfish when they feel yucky!! (Uncle Ryan would say that is why she threw up because she ate those in the first place....he's not a golfish fan!!)
    Poor Bryn...looks like she lost a fight! I hope she is doing okay now. They do have those Johhny Jump Up swings you can put in your doorways, but you have to have door frames around the doors which we never had. The kite flying adventure sounds so fun...glad you all got to do it. love you bunches

  2. How sweet! I love that pic of Bryn. So cute.