April 16, 2008

Lets go fly a kite...

The weather was so great this weekend! We went to a park and had lunch. It was so nice cause Jeremy actually got to come with us and play with the kids.
Brynlie got to fly her kite finally! She's been waiting for weeks. Luckily we went to the park on Saturday cause it decided to snow on Monday! Grrr.

And Kelson found his new love: swings. He laughed and clapped the whole time he was in it. If I could I would totally install one in a doorway of our house to keep him occupied and so I can get some stuff done during the day!

This video might give you motion sickness. I think you'll be fine as long as you don't eat any goldfish first.


  1. Julie Wulie? I can't believe it. It's Brianna Banana! From the clinic? How are you doing? Email me so we can chat, brannamuffin@gmail.com. Your family is so dang cute!

  2. Of course I don't mind that you have been stalking me because I have been stalking you for quite a long time now. Becky gave me your blog a year or so ago. I have been meaning to drop a note but never seemed to. Anyways your little family is so beautiful. And I loved the story awhile back about the spider in the box with the toy spiders and how you put a lid on the can/bow until your hubby got home. Very funny. Well if you are ever back in Utah come and visit me.

  3. Hey, I noticed you have a link to Brianna--how did you find her? I didn't know she had a blog. How is she? How many kids does she have now?

  4. It must be the season... we are loving swing and kites out here too! That is so fun! Your little kiddos are so cute, and the goldfish sickness makes me laugh! I probably wouldn't laugh if it was my kid, but since it's you, I think it's funny.

  5. Julie thanks for the understanding and encouragement. I wish I was as sure as you are that I'll 'get my 4 kid groove on.' Thanks!

  6. Yeah, what's Brianna's email?