April 28, 2008


So I am quiet proud of myself. We let Kelson cry for about a half hour and Jeremy went in to check on him. The minute Jeremy picked him up he stopped crying. We knew he was fine so Jeremy laid him back down and Kelson totally freaked out! He cried for 2 hours before he finally fell asleep. I knew that if I went in to check on him again he would just have another major melt down, so we just left him. He woke up once to eat in the middle of the night. I fed him and laid him back down and he cried for almost an hour again. It's actually easier for me to deal with it after I've gone to bed because I'm so tired that I don't care as much if he cries. He needs to know his all night buffet is closing up shop! It wasn't as rough as I had imagined (even though I felt HORRIBLE). The worst part was this morning when he woke up and his forehead was covered in little bruises from him pushing his head up against the crib bars. It's been a constant daily reminder of how mean I am. We'll see how tonight goes. I may be making many more late night stress/anxiety filled posts!
I haven't taken many pictures lately, but here is one of Kelson pointing. It's his favorite thing to do. He'll point and say "What's that?" but it sounds like "Wasaat". He's been a huge mama's boy lately. He wont go to anyone but me. He watches me like a hawk and if I get more than 2 feet away from him he'll let me know he does not approve. In 14 years he wont want a thing to do with me, so I guess I should take it in while I can.

Brynlie has been on a princess kick this week. Every day she asks me to call her by another name. Yesterday was Belle, and today I can only call her "Sweeping Booty". I am not allowed to say Brynlie. It cracks me up. She calls me mother or darling and talks in a funny voice. She likes to curtsy and sing all her princess songs all day. Sometimes Connor or her friend Dawson is her prince, but usually she says her prince is at Wal-Mart. Good thing she has a cell phone to call him on and tell him what to pick up. I guess this is what I'm teaching her. My prince is usually there, so it makes sense that hers is too.
Isn't she a gem?


  1. Your kids are so funny! How's the crying it out going? It will get better, just don't cave in! If you cave in, then you're telling them that if they cry long enough, mommy will eventually get them. It will make it worse in the long run. Good luck!

  2. Best of luck to you! Babies can be more stubborn than adults sometimes. I love the Brynlie stories and the pictures of her wearing her cape are great.

  3. Stay strong, Julz! You can do it. Obviously I have absolutely no advice because I can't hear my baby crying in my womb! Lo siento. I love the pic of Brynlie picking her nose. One of Josh's friends has a blog and she posted a picture of her 3 year old boy trying to pick his nose with a dart gun. I got a huge kick out of that! Anyhow...good luck!!!

  4. Don't feel too mean. When I was weaning Sadie she cried for over 5 hours a night for a couple of weeks. I'm not kidding!!! It was awful. Talk about feeling like a horrible mom. But she was already one! Adrienne

  5. that is a classic picture of brynlie picking her nose. that is one that you pull out years from now to show that special someone.

  6. Good for you. I heard that the first 3 days are the hardest and it gets easier after that. I tought Imogen to go to sleep on her own and it was hard, she will still cry sometimes. Now I am trying to train her to sleep being unswaddled. It is hard, she wakes up every 2 hours now!! When she use to sleep atleast 8 hours straight at 3 months, she is almost 6 months. I don't get it and she wants to be nursed back to sleep every time she wakes up. So I have decided that when she is 6 months to start letting her cry it out at night. It will be hard, I won't sleep while she is crying. Sometimes nursing her back to sleep which took only about 5 minutes was the easiest option, but that was when she would get up only twice, now it is 4 times a night!!! Good luck, I hope he sleeps through the night for you soon.

  7. I am proud of you! Like I said, 3 days usually does the trick! I hope it does for Kelson too! Keep me updated! I love the last picture of Brynlie, I hope she found what she was looking for...

  8. Dear Julie,
    I swear you should be a writer! You and Grandma Velle.
    When I was a new mother, I had a best friend who was having babies about the same time as Lynn and I. Her name is Lori. Lori's daughter Amy wasn't sleeping through the night, and neither was TJ, so we decided together to do the "let them cry all night" thing. We were there to give each other moral support. As I remember things, the first night we let TJ cry, he only lasted an hour, maybe three, and then he slept on. I think it only took the one night, and then he was sleeping in his crib through the night. I can't remember how old he was - 10 months? I even got out my journals to see if I could get the details, but alas, I failed to record that little drama. Lori's daughter, however, cried much longer, and it was more than one night of crying, but eventually she slept through the night in her crib.

    When I was reading Jena's journal I found an entry that said that when we put her to bed, we'd lay her in the crib, tuck her in, tell her goodnight, and sometimes she'd wave bye-bye to us. What a dream!

    Then there was Travis! What was it about him? Was it that he was our last child? Was it our old age? Was he particularly stubborn? Was it the king size bed? Was I mental? We were definitely soft in our old age. He slept with us every night. Relatives still make me feel like a horrible mother over that. Finally I'd had enough. He was going to sleep in his crib, or else! Looking back I recognize some of the mistakes I made: sitting in the hall listening to him (heaven forbid he might quit breathing or something); waiting until he could talk. Bad idea. So I'm outside his door, in the hall, ready to stay up all night if that's how long he cried. He'd been crying for who knows how long when I hear him calling out, "Daddy, I yuv you! Daddy, I yuv you!" He was back in our bed in an instant, and I never tried again. He finally started sleeping with Brad, which saved us. He still prefers to be wherever his family is (but he does sleep in his own bed now that he's 15). He'll probably get married next year, just so he doesn't have to sleep alone.

    Is there a way to print off your blog? I would love to keep the pictures and the things you write. I hope you are keeping these things for your kids.

    You are too cute.
    Auntie Anne

  9. Julie,
    I have no idea why my email's aren't going through. I'll try my hotmail account...

  10. By the way..you can't spoil a baby. They are not thinking in their minds "gee let me cry until mommy comes" they are crying because they are ALONE and don't know what's going on. All they know is, their mommy (life support) is not there. They are scared.

    Anywho, I guess this is just my opinion.