May 03, 2008

Rejoice again I say, REJOICE!!!

So either I did something amazing up in heaven and am totally being blessed for it, or I'm totally jinxing myself....but Kelson is sleeping through the night!! Whoop whoop!! The first night was a crying mess. The second he cried for an hour and slept through the night, and since then it's been wonderful sleeping bliss every since. It's about dang time! I know as soon as I publish this he'll wake up crying. He's actually been a little happier throughout the day because I think he's sleeping much better. No more late night feedings, no more children kicking me in my sleep, no more babies rolling off the I mean....I would never consciously let such a thing happen to my sweet precious child. (another reason we had to get him out!)

Kelson has had quiet the week. When they did his surgery they made an incision in his belly button. We couldn't even tell they did, but a few weeks ago it started getting red. Then last week it started growing a little bump. It was the size of a pea so I took him in to the Dr. (The receptionist actually had his record # memorized. How embarrassing, I'm totally that mom.) Kelson also had a little weird scab on one of the other places they made an incision. They weren't sure what it was so they tried to cauterize it off. It didn't work though. Turns out his body is rejecting the stitches and is actually pushing them out. How crazy! The weird scab was actually a stitch coming out. And his belly button was trying to push some out. It doesn't hurt him at all and we got some medicine so he's fine now. I just thought it was the strangest thing. Then this week he's had a fever and yucky nose. I think he's teething too. Yeesh. Poor kid can't catch a break. His mom is torturing him, he's sick, his stitches are comin out, his "pets heads are falling off!" (Ok so Lauren's the only one that will think that's funny)

These pictures are some random ones we had taken a few weeks ago at the park. I've put them up here for the grandmas.


  1. Marimom5/04/2008

    Halleluiah, halleluiah...a family picture...not that I needed one, since your spot on the mantle is your wedding announcement picture!! Now if I can just figure out how to get them off the computer and into print. The kiddos pictures are sooooo precious, thanks so much. I am so glad you stood strong and that Kelson is sleeping through the night....told you it would be worth it. Love you guys sooo much!!!

  2. 1. Friggen adorable pictures. If I can somehow get those that would be splendid. I would love to frame the one of Bryn and Kel on top so figure it out for me.

    2. I about died laughing about the pet's heads falling off. I just pictured you saying it and it made it even funnier.

    3. Your kids are HUGE. I can't believe I am missing them grow..=(

    I love you sis

  3. Heather & the Girls5/06/2008

    Such a good-lookin family! You are looking great Julie!! I sure do miss you guys! I can't wait to finally meet my handsome nephew, Kelson!! I hope Brynlie remembers us... we can't wait to see you all in Nauvoo!! Love you all lots!!!

  4. Julie you are so famous! A friend from growing up found me from another friend's site and she had your Leelou blog icon on her blog! You are amazing at the backgrounds, by the way. So congratuations on being so crafty!
    Your family pictures look so cute! Babies grow up so fast...are you ready for a brand new one yet? It sounds so crazy but they are fun when they are little!

  5. Your pictures are darling!! I am so glad that Kelson is finally sleeping through the night. It's like a breath of fresh air-or something like that when you know you can put your kid to bed and they actually stay asleep until morning!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  6. Love the family pics! So CUTE!

    p.s. sorry about my ranting about the whole baby sleeping thing...I guess it's just a very controversial subject.--that really gets me going!!!

  7. Such cute pics. how old is Kelson and what did he have surgery on? Adrienne

  8. how cute is your little family. Thanks for letting me read and 'get to know you'. Your kids are adorable! I'll try not to stalk you too much...but it is fun!