June 27, 2008

The no good, very bad week

Last week Kelson had a pretty bad fever for a few days. We thought it was just from teething, but after a few days I knew something was wrong with him. So we took him in for another joyous catheter. Every time we walk in to the office the receptionists always say "Oh Kelson! Now what's wrong?" This time she told me she had kelson's med. chart # memorized. I told her just to keep it on her desk. We're in there enough.

We found out he has an upper respiratory infection and possibly asthma. So we are now the not so proud owners of a fabulous nebulizer taking up too much room in our house so we can give him breathing treatment a few times a day.

Kelson cried for 2 days from the catheter, and then we noticed a horrible rash on his bum with open bleeding sores. Poor thing would just cry and cry, so we took him in again and after many tests, they decided he has an unidentifiable rash that will hopefully go away at some point.

Today he has to go back in to the Dr. office for his 1 year check up. I'm making Jeremy take him this time. I'm too embarrassed to go in the office again. That and he has to get shots today, so I'll let his Daddy handle that. This poor little boy. We're going to have to put him in a bubble.


  1. marimom6/28/2008

    Poor little guy...we didn't know he'd been sick again. Give him hugs and kisses for us. Heather and Kenny had asthma symptoms while tiny, but the doc said they might grow out of it and they did.Love you sweet baby boy!

  2. not a good week at all!! Hope your little guy starts to feel better! I love that he didn't touch his birthday cake. Not so fun for pictures though!

  3. Oh, I hate when babies are sick. You just want to fix it for them right away. I hope everything gets better including the rash - I love the fact that they sent you home saying he had an "unidentifiable rash." Isn't it their job to figure that out?

  4. oh poor baby. i hope that he does better. if you need anything let me know.