August 01, 2008


We were able to spend about a week in Rochester Minnesota with Kenny and his family. We went to the zoo (which happened to be a free zoo so it was even cooler), we got our very own private tour of the Mayo Clinic from "Dr. K-dizzel", saw more corn then I thought was humanly possible, Jeremy and Kenny went to Chicago, Jeremy took home a souvenir of like 10 lbs. from eating "The best Mexican food in the states" (which he says is way better then a t-shirt), and the highlight of the trip...we got to see fireflies!! I have never seen them before and I just think they are the coolest thing ever! The first night we were there we caught a bunch in a jar (as well as a huge frog that we shoved in there). They're so fun to watch. Brynlie and Sadie got matching "Shlip-shlops".

Brynlie had so many cousins to play with I barely saw her. She is so bored here now that we're home.
I love this picture of Sadie that Mindi took. My nieces and nephews are beautiful kids. They're parents are in big trouble when they turn 16.

Kelson has discovered his belly button and is obsessed with having his finger in it at all times. His other new obsessions consist of sunglasses and hats. He wouldn't have a thing to do with them a month ago, but now that's all he wants. Kelson can now say: cheese (while making his "stinky face"), mama, dada, haaaaa......t, hello, uh-oh, and Brynlie always says "Da..da..da DAAAAA! Super hero Brynlie!", so now Kelson says "Da..da..da DAAAA" allllll day long. As for all the other words, he says them when he feels the need. And he finally started walking in MN! Well, he started stepping. I wouldn't call it walking yet. I think his record is 11 steps. As for the Brynster...she has learned how to tell the difference between the men's and women's bathroom and she feels the need to share it with anyone willing to listen. She has quiet an interesting plane ride on the way home. After attempting to give the man next to her a wet willy, she fell asleep 10 minutes before we landed and peed in her sleep. It was a joyous event. I must say...I don't know which is harder. Taking a little girl to the bathroom on an airplane or changing a squirmy one year old on an airplane. The 3x2.5 foot bathrooms were obviously not designed by a parent.

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  1. Marimom8/02/2008

    Like I said before....I have the CUTEST, MOST ADORABLE grandkids anywhere!!!! I miss them so much much fun to all be together! And thanks for not doing a close up of the frog in the jar...ugh!!!!!!!!!!