August 01, 2008


We of course had to head over to Carthage Jail. I've always known that Hyrum and Joseph Smith died there, but I had no idea the conditions they were in at the jail. It's almost surreal to be in the jail, look at the stairs, and think that the mob ran up them almost 200 years ago.

I am again so grateful we were able to go to Nauvoo. Not only did it strengthen my testimony greatly, but it just verified again how completely true this church is. The things the pioneers went through is something I think of every day and am so thankful for. I'll never forget this trip and hope to make it again and again.

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  1. Anonymous8/02/2008

    Julie: I love this picture of Kelson and Brynlie on the window sill in the room above the jail in Carthage. I've been there too and it's hard not to cry seeing it. I hope they get to return there when they are older and really appreciate the history behind it.
    GiGi sends her love.