August 02, 2008

Reunion in Nauvoo

We were able to spend the last few weeks on a wonderful vacation/family reuinion to Minnesota and Nauvoo. We've been waiting forever and were so excited to go!

My poor grandma wants pictures ASAP and I fear she is going to get carpal tunnel from clicking on my blog if I don't post some here ya go Grandma....

Here are a few pictures of the temple. We got to do a session and it was so awesome! It really such a beautiful temple. I just can't comprehend how they built the original Nauvoo Temple in the mid 1800's and in only 5 years.

This is the statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith that I just love and the description on the plaque below it.

The coolest part about visiting Nauvoo was learning so many stories of the early Saints. Everything from their trials to how they did their cooking to their version of mouse traps. It was so interesting. If you haven't gone there you should! Let me know when and I'll go back with you!


  1. Anonymous8/02/2008

    Julie: I'm going to try to get a comment on your blog - so far I have not been successful - someone will have to show me how. Anyway, I love all the Nauvoo pictures and your wonderful stories to go with them. I love, love Nauvoo too and would love to go back a third time. Brynlie and Kelson are SO CUTE! Love to you all. GiGi

  2. Cool trip! We will be in Klamath at the end of the month. Come hang out at the Becerras!