August 02, 2008

Sunset by the Mississippi

Every night all of the missionaries would get together for "Sunset on the Mississippi". There was singing and dancing. Before it started all of the kids got to make a hat and pick a musical instrument for the parade. Then they marched all around and got to stand on the stage for the national anthem. After about 40 minutes it started raining so hard. They tried to hold out as long as they could, but eventually had to cancel the rest of the show. It was just as much fun in the rain though.

Nicole you will enjoy this....On the way back to our cars a man helped Jeremy carry the stroller down some stairs. The back of his shirt said Memory Mixer so I asked if he worked for them, and he told me that he is the one that started the company with his wife. (For those who don't know, Memory Mixer is the greatest digital scrapbooking program ever created. I'm a total photoshop junky, but when it comes to digital scrapbooking Memory Mixer is so dang cool and easy.)
I ended up talking with him and he invited me to a seminar he was teaching there in Nauvoo. We were able to talk for a little while. Hopefully I'll be able to make some digi-papers for them sometime in the future.

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  1. julie- Your kids are the cutest kids ever!