October 06, 2008

Are we there yet??

Jaime and I took off the week before Lauren got married and braved the trip to Logan alone with our kids (minus Ellie). Jaime decided to drive the whole entire way so that the fat pregnant one could climb back and forth to the back of her van to find lost binkies, start movies, hand out "happy" suckers, find shoes, and check for poopy babies. It was a blast. Not to mention the far too many stops we had to make on the side of the road so Brynlie could go potty like a "pioneer".

Luckily we arrived at Nana's house with only 2 kids screaming loud enough for neighbors to hear and one massively blown out diaper/carseat. Then the kids spent their days getting spoiled by one and all.
Looking for worms, making "pwojects", and Nana's dinosaur and butterfly pancakes were the hit. (Jaime I need the butterfly picture!)
And luckily my awesome cousin Siera watched the kids a ton for us so we could go to the temple and dinner with our family and Straton's. Siera you saved our hiney's and we still owe you HUGE!

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  1. You guys are brave. I am not sure that I would brave that trip without the hubby or serious help from someone else.