October 06, 2008

Aunt Laur and Uncle Straton

I'm getting blog threats for not posting anything lately so I figured I'd better get on it. Life has been busy busy! Leelou has been keeping me quiet busy lately. Soon there will be some great new things going on, but I'll post about those later. It's Lauren's turn now!

As you probably know Lauren got married last week! She looked so freakin cute and was so giddy. It's fun to have a new in-law to harass as well. Straton fits in perfect with our family.

It was so awesome to finally be all together as a family in the temple. I've been to many temple sealings and they've all been awesome, but this one was so different. I've never been so proud. Plus the sealer was probably the funniest old man I've ever met. He talked and talked and talked and told stories and jokes and talked. We were all busting up. He was totally Jeremy in 50 years.

So here are way too many pictures for all those who couldn't make it. Lauren and Straton had one of the coolest receptions I've ever been to. It was in a so beautiful, the weather was perfect, there were lights all over, a jazz band, dancing....Makes me want to redo my wedding all over again.

Straton works for the fire department, so they had a sparkler send off and hopped on a firetruck as they left. It was really fun and the kids loved it!
I still can't believe my baby sister is married.
Congratulations you guys! We love ya!
Now go multiply and replenish the earth.


  1. How fun! And Brynlie's hair is amazing! Mine never looks as good as hers.

  2. your sister looked gorgeous, and i loved the dresses that the little girls wore they were so adorable.

  3. There you are Julie! I have missed your "bloggingness". I LOVE their wedding pictures and I agree- it makes me want to re-do everything Josh and I did at our wedding. And you are still SOOO small.

  4. Your family is so cute! How's the pregnancy going so far?

  5. Julie I love the picture of your little family! You guys look so good. Like a J.Crew magazine add.

  6. Hi Julie! I found you through my sister's blog. And then I took one of your bloggie templates :-) Nice to catch up!

  7. O my gosh I can't, I just can not believe that Lauran is married, I feel old now.
    -Jules I love to look through your blog, it's so fun, I love to see how you and your sisters get together with the kids and go on trips and play.
    -Congrates on the pregnacy, wow, three is to many for me, your my hero!
    -your kiddos are so stink'n cute, beautiful family, drop me a line!

  8. what a cute couple!! I LOVE the little girl dresses. Where o' where did you find those??

    I got my *leelou* update today...can't wait to see the new stuff!!

  9. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing :)