November 20, 2008

Blog? What blog?

So I know I haven't been very good at posting on the good ol' blog lately. Nothing too exciting has happened around here. I actually haven't taken a picture of my kiddos all month. I'm bad. All I have to talk about is my ever growing belly.

I've been able to eat lately which has been a nice change. I tried to ween myself off my drugs, but my body really didn't like that idea and told me it wasn't ready by leaving me on the bathroom floor for 3 days straight. So I'm totally cool with living off these drugs for another 4 months. Whatever lets me eat! The other day I was at the store and saw a serving plate for deviled eggs. I instantly knew I wouldn't be able to function until I had my chubby little hands on them! I called my mom and begged her to make me some but she said she couldn't until that night. The rejection made my craving even worse. So I came home and made myself 24 of the most amazing deviled eggs I've ever inhaled. They were so good I didn't even care about the smell.

I've been having loads of braxton hicks again too, but luckily not enough where they have to put me on bed rest yet.
When we had the ultrasound they had us see the ultrasound specialist instead of just a tech to make sure that this baby didn't have his insides all funky like Kelson. When we had the 20 week ultrasound with Kelson and found out about his kidney, they also told us everything under the sun that he "probably" had. Everything from Down syndrome to a clef lip from heart problems to autism. It totally freaked us out. So this whole pregnancy I wonder if every little thing I do is messing up this kiddos insides. We were getting kind of nervous for this ultrasound, but luckily he is good to go! No problems at all!

Some more good news is that Brynlie has finally accepted her new brother. We had a talk on how she is the only princess now and that sold her. But every time she says she is going to have a baby brother she has to add in there that she is going to get a sister next time. Hopefully she's right!

Actually, the way this pregnancy is going, who knows if there is going to be a next time. I'm taking any and all surrogate requests. Don't be shy, just leave a comment and let me know that you'd love to carry my baby for 9 months or so. I'll hook you up with some sweet deviled eggs.


  1. Anastasia Beverhousen11/21/2008

    Julie, you are tooooooo funny!!

  2. No surrogate offer here but I wanted to confess that I can not stop laughing at the video of poor Brynlie.

  3. Yes, we know Adam too. We have hung out a few times like gone to a Rockies game and stuff, but Jamie and Amy know him a lot better because they were in the same ward. How do you know him?

  4. Julie: I just love you bunches!!! I'm so glad Brynlie has adjusted to having a little brother. Coming up with any names yet??? Hope to see you at Christmas.

  5. P.S. Next time you crave something, just forget your ol' Mom and call GiGi - I'll be RIGHT there with whatever you want!!!

  6. Deviled eggs...yuck. I think I need some zofran right now just because of the thought of deviled eggs.

  7. Julie your posts crack me up! I am gald you are feeling a little better and that the baby is healthy. I love the deviled egg story, I think any woman who's ever been pregnant has some weird food story too! I know I do!
    I love, love, love the video of Brynlie! You really should send it in to America's Funniest Home Videos.
    Tell Sherman I said hi!

  8. glad you are able to eat! Boys are so fun, and to have two close together, even more fun!!