December 01, 2008

Wahoo for Edward!

Last week all us girls showed up in our pajamas to play a riveting game of bunko at my Mama's house. Jaime hosted this month and made us some amazing French Toast and got us all some super cute prizes. When we were done we headed on over to the movies and waited and waited in the freezing cold to watch Twilight. I thought the movie was pretty good after I got over the bad hair dying jobs and the fact that Jasper freakishly looked like Edward Scissorhands. It would have been better if it was a couple hours longer....but not too shabby. My Mom and I had to go see it again the next day and it was even better the second time. Now I've started reading the books all over. Ahhh, hot vampires.


  1. Marimom12/01/2008

    No fair....wish I was there to share in the fun. Haven't even read the books, but maybe I would..I just want to be with all the french toat and play bunko!! We've got to work something out to be closer!! Love you guys.....

  2. Marimom12/01/2008

    Oops....Or maybe I would eat french "toast", he he!

  3. i just saw the movie this past weekend. i really liked it, but jasper made me laugh everytime he came on the screen. he was so funny looking, not what i was expecting at all. my little sister has seen it twice and agrees that the second time is much better.

  4. That is why I heard you snickering everytime they showed Jasper. Good comparison. You crack me up.
    I have heard many people say that they think the movie is better the second time around. Are you up for seeing it 3 times?

  5. I agree. I liked it better the second time as well. The first time I was annoyed that Bella was so personality-less. But I liked Edward. Ahhh Edward. Sigh..... The second time I was ok with Bella.
    So Nana says she'll be happy to go with you to see it! She's a twilight virgin. She's working her way through the first book right now. Just let us know when you want to go, and if it's ok if we tag along.
    By the way, we went and saw it in Utah, and we had seven macho men go with us, and they secretly confessed to kindof liking the movie. Not too bad!

  6. I must confess....I totally went and saw it again last night :)
    If I would have known I would have called you up!