December 01, 2008

Crazy kids

They walk alike, they talk alike.....

This is one of Brynlie's many outfit changes during the day. She can't seem to give up Kelson's frog costume. Lately she has discovered chocolate covered cherries and LOVES them!.....minus the cherries. She'll take a little bite out of the chocolate and hold the chocolate covered cherry upside down until all of the "pink sauce and red ball" fall out. Then once she has the hollow chocolate she'll eat it up. I think it just tastes so good to her because she ends up sitting there letting all the insides drain for 20 minutes. The waiting makes the chocolate far better then any other chocolate apparently.


  1. Marimom12/01/2008

    Oh that girl is hilarious!! Wish I could be around her more. What a hoot!! Maybe one day she'll learn how good the pink juice and red ball really are!! The pictures are so adorable and so typical. I love those babies!!!!!!

  2. They seriously look like twins in that picture. I didn't really realize that they looked THAT MUCH alike. So cute.

  3. Aunt Sedge12/08/2008

    WOW! I'm thinking Kelson is sure looking like his Daddy (especially in the first pic of the 2 of them) Too cute!! We sure do miss you guys!! And by the way... I want a Christmas card... PLEASE!!