January 03, 2009

Bound and determined

So we really wanted to master this gingerbread house business. Turns out there's no use, and we just gave up. Jeremy thought rice krispie treats would work good....no, no they don't. This is the last attempt at a gingerbread house you will see on our little blog. We are sticking to 2D ones from now on. Oh well. At least Brynlie liked it.


  1. I agree with Jaime..what the?@%#???

  2. Can't you make out the house? Come on! I can't make macaroni and cheese right and you expect me to make a gingerbread house???

  3. marimom1/07/2009

    I think it's cute...where is your imagination Jaime and Nicole? he he The important thing is Brynlie loved it. Next year you could try the graham cracker type....of course it still requires that lovely royal frosting, which is usually the"pain in the neck" part. Hey, I know...come back here again and I will help her make it! Great Idea!!! love you bunches....