January 03, 2009

Christmas Break

So again, I am a bad mother and barely took a single picture all of Christmas break. Luckily Jaime takes them for me, so I stole a couple off her blog.
We started our break out on Thur. the 18th by me staying up way too late making 35 little loaves of bread for the teachers at Jeremy's school. Then on Friday it was a snow day! So Jeremy and I have both surely doubled our weight in eating bread over the break. At least Jeremy got to stay home an extra day! We ended up getting quiet a bit of snow the first week of break. Brynlie loved it. We played in snow, ate bread and played Tetris pretty much the whole first week.

On Christmas Eve we got some families together for breakfast and played games in the gym at my Dad's school. Then we went to my parents for dinner and Papa made these cool ornaments with the kids out of borax and pipe cleaners. This year Jaime did a short nativity with the kids. The oldest 3 were able to really get it this year and loved to dress up. Then we had to do our traditional sprinkling of the reindeer food and as soon as we saw Rudolph eating it outside the kids freaked out and we all ran home to get in bed. This is one of my favorite things about Christmas. When we were little we could always hear the bells and see Rudolphs nose outside. It was so exciting and we all would run to bed after that.

Christmas day was all a blur and I didn't even get out my camera. Jeremy and I could barely sleep all night. We finally woke up the kids at 6:00 and ran out to see if Santa came. Brynlie ran to the tree, jumped in the air and landed on her knees. She instantly started crying saying she hurt her back. I could tell she was really hurt because she had a weird moaning cry and because she wouldn't even look at the presents. After a minute or two her eyes rolled back and she passed out and stopped breathing. It was probably the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life! Jeremy laid her down to do mouth to mouth and I went to grab my phone. Luckily she was only out for about 20-30 seconds (which seemed like 20-30 minutes) and she woke up and was ok. We were all scared to death and didn't even know what to do. Luckily Jeremy's brother is a Dr. who we call upon for everything and anything. We ended up taking her to her doctor later too and everything was ok. She just hurt the nerves at the end of her spine when she jumped and landed on her knees. She was just fine the rest of the day. We were so glad that everything was ok with her! Oye!
We then went to my parents house to open some more goodies and eat breakfast. We just hung out the rest of the day and Papa pulled the kids behind his 4-wheeler on their new sleds from my Grandma.
On the way home that day Jeremy and I were saying how we missed his family, so we decided to up and go to Utah. We are both big planners and haven't really just up and left before, so it was kind of fun to go. We didn't tell anyone we were coming. My mom came with us and we first stopped at Lauren and Straton's house. Lauren about wet her pants. My mom stayed the week with her in Logan and my familia went down to Salt Lake to see Jeremy's family. We spent the week eating, playing games, eating more, shopping and just hanging out being lazy. And I have to say that in Draper we filled up our car with gas that was $1.17 a gallon!!! Wahoo!
We had a great Christmas break and are so glad we could see so much family!


  1. okay i would have been an absolute nutcase if that happened to olivia. glad to hear that she is fine, and glad that your christmas did turn out good in the end.

  2. I am so glad that Brynlie is okay. What a scare! I love your family picture! do we get to see in belly pics of you?

  3. 35 loaves of bread????? What were you thinking? I tried to make 4 little loaves for a RS birthday treat, but they all flopped magnificently. Imagine if it had been 35!! I finally took truffles (store bought) in little baggies for the ladies. Forget the homemade from me.
    I love your blog, Julie. Did you ever get the ink off your couch? Love the video of Brynlie and Jeremy. Wow. Too tender.

  4. Marimom1/07/2009

    We love the spur of the moment thought "let's go to Utah"...it was our blessing to have you all here. Just wish I had been more spontaneous and had more time to do things with the kiddos. Had to work though..AARRGGHH!! I hope next time I can just play, play and play with everyone!! Thanks so much for spending part of your break with us and making such a long trip. We LOVE you soooooooo much!!!! Kiss my babies!