January 04, 2009


Today Brynlie got to go to the Sunbeam class for the first time. She was soooo excited! And I was too because I am in the primary so I get to see her most of the time. For the most part her and her friend Hayden sat next to each other quiet as could be, just staring at everyone. Every time she'd look at me she'd smile this big cheesy grin.

And Special K got to go to nursery (officially) for the first time. Jeremy was thrilled not to chase him all over Elders Quorum. Kelson's been having some separation issues this last week, so every once in awhile he'd realize we were gone and cry. Luckily the nursery leader is my friend Christy, so Kelson knows her pretty well. And Christy knows that the key to my children's hearts is food...so I think he'll be just fine :)
About 14 kids from nursery moved up to Sunbeams, so Kelson and one other little boy are the only ones in nursery now.

I figured I should take a few pictures today and write about my kids since I haven't blogged in forever. Kelson's new thing is cars. He's totally obsessed! He has at least one in each hand all day long. When he lays down to sleep he'll say "Caws? Caws?" to make sure we've given him enough in his crib. Or if we go anywhere he has to make sure we have enough "caws" to take. This has given Jeremy the excuse of buying even more matchbox cars for him.
He's talking a ton now. His favorite words are snowman, mine, cookie, cars and I love you.
Brynlie is obsessed with writting letters and "chapkips" (chapstick). There are certain things that Brynlie says funny and we don't dare correct her. Our favorites are "high cream" (ice cream) and "Baby ba-yuga".
Her cousins gave her some ballet leotards and a skirt while we were in Utah, and she hasn't taken them off since. She told us yesterday that she doesn't want to get married anymore when she grows up. She just wants to be a ballerina instead. I can deal with that. Last week she wanted to live on a rainbow when she grew up.
Brynlie's new names for the baby have now expanded past Buzz Lightyear. She wants to name him either Hagrid or Lanty. That's a tough choice.
And to wrap this up, I'll end with saying that our dear "Benny" is no longer a part of our family. We realized how much we didn't miss him while we were in Utah, but we couldn't find someone who was crazy enough to want a guinea pig. So Jeremy gave him to Petco :)
Brynlie asked him where Benny was and Jeremy sat her down to explain it to her. We figured she'd be devastated as she's our emotional drama queen, but she just said "Oh, OK. We can share him." Whew!


  1. Ohhh, they look so cute! I can't believe how many words Kelson is saying, maybe he can teach Gage a few

  2. Oh my gosh that is so cute. Sadie has been looking forward to moving up to sunbeams as well and she was sick so she couldn't go to church yesterday! bummer!

  3. Julie, you're so funny. Sorry we couldn't get together over Chrsitmas break, that's what you get for being spontaneous.

  4. I always want to type out "HAHA" or "LOL" but then I feel like teen computer nerd, but honestly you are so hilarious and your kids are so stinkin' cute. It makes me miss all of you even more than I already do. Do we have to wait until May?

  5. I am feelin you. Krew just went into sunbeams too. All my boys are now in primary and Kole is a senior primary boy. Man alive, I am getting old. Yesterday I could have sworn that I was still only 30 but Craig adamantly informed me that I will be turning 32 this July! Ouch, that hurts!

  6. Yeah...you're no longer my favorite sister, because you NEVER blog anymore. Your bloggerexic...hahaha I thought of that all on my own!