February 17, 2009

February February

Alrighty, this is my February break down. Luckily I have good friends that take pictures of my kids when their mother doesn't, so here ya go....

Several friends and I decided to crash the party at Denny's a few weeks ago when they offered the free Grand Slams. Bad idea. Bad, bad bad idea. Luckily Jaime waited with her kids in the freezing cold so by the time we got there we only had to wait about 25 minutes total. Doesn't sound too bad until you factor in that we were all completely out numbered with our kids and it was nap time. Next year I will make my own pancakes.

After that, we met the other moms who weren't brave stupid enough to take on Denny's, at this new place in town with blow-up playhouses for the kids. Brynlie loved it, but Kelson isn't coordinated enough to climb or stand in them, so he struggled a bit. It was really fun though.

After I turned 21 I started forgetting how old I am every year. I really thought I was turning 25 this year, and then realized later that I would be 26! I must say it's the first year I was a little depressed. I'm old. Luckily I have awesome friends and family that made a birthday/excuse to get out of the house week for me, starting off with a delicious Twilight lunch.

Then the next few nights were followed by staying out way too late, lots of eating, catching some movies, breaking several laws...I mean...I would never consciously break a law...unless a Bishop's wife, or 2 primary presidents said it was ok and joined in :)

One of the greatest parts of the month was that I finally got to meet Jena's baby Logan!!! They came down for a weekend and I was soooo excited! Logan was so happy and smiley. It was fun to hold a baby that wouldn't squirm all over and want down!

Aunt Anne made us some sweet Pocket Edward Enchiladas too! I love it.

And for Valentine's we took the kiddos to the children's museum to eat, play and exchange some cards. It was perfect timing because right when we got there everyone at the museum was leaving and we had almost the whole place to ourselves. The kids totally love it there.

Jeremy is coaching the girls basketball team at his school. My Dad coaches the girls basketball team for his school, so sometimes he and Jeremy play against each other. Last night they actually had a few games that I took the kids too. My Dad and Jeremy stood next to each other and we were behind them. Every once in awhile they would hold one of the kids or take them out on the court with them. Everyone thinks it's funny and asks us a million times which team we're cheering for. Whoever chooses to take me out to dinner afterwards usually gets my vote :)

This has been a pretty busy month for Leelou. We had a really fun blog party and are now negotiating contracts to partner with a company that makes blog books. We're really excited to get it all going, but it has kept us crazy busy the last few weeks.

Brynlie is obsessed with American Idol lately. We put Kelson to bed and whip out the ice cream every Tuesday and Wednesday and have ourselves a party. Brynlie loves to play American Idol now and she'll sing or make us sing a song and then see who gets through to Hollywood. If we don't show an appropriate, over the top reaction, she'll make us do it all over again.
And Mr. K crawled/fell out of his crib the other morning so we decided to attempt the big boy bed thing. It's not going so hot. We set up bunk beds and Kelson likes to play on them, but doesn't quiet get the sleeping in them part. At this point I think I'm ok with him sleeping in the crib for another 1-5 years. It's much easier.


  1. What a fun filled month you have had. Happy belated birthday! I'm 26 and I am NOT old!! :) I love the birds at the top of your blog and especially the little egg on the end. How cute!

  2. Wow you've had a busy month, happy late birthday, I'm the same way with never remebering how old I am, I always have to ask Damon. Thats so neat about Leelou blogs and the contract. You have come so far with it, it is amazing. I keep waiting for when you are going to be on the Today show or something because of it.

  3. jules! finally i get to hear about how you are!!!! i haven't heard enough! tell me about this law breaking? lol. good to hear that you're doing good. shall we get together sometime?

  4. Can't wait to hear more about the blog books. How fun! Do you want Mrs. Hornblat to be your agent and help with the negotiations? I'm sure she can get you a better deal, and they might even throw in a brassiere for you! Special.

    I haven't heard about the law breaking, either. Sounds like a good story. Do I need to check with my sources to get the scoop? (aka Jena)

    I haven't had the nerve to ask Lauren's Bite if she was lieing when she gave the spice measurements for the enchiladas. Maybe I should have used Pocket Edward sized measuring spoons on them; then the enchiladas may not have set our mouths on fire quite so vigorously!!

  5. 26, are you just a baby! What a fun month you have had! Only 5 weeks left of the pregnancy, I bet you are so excited!

    Congrats on the blog books! I need to publish 2008, but don't know who to use. Any suggestions?

    Happy belated birthday!

  6. Marimom2/20/2009

    Okay, here we go again....now my grandchildren have a lawbreaker for a mom!! I'm telling you....I'm coming to get those babies...HAAAAAA!
    Kiss my little American Idol...she gets my vote!! And my sweet little Mr. K too....no more falling out of the bed Mister!!!! Love you guys!

  7. hey julie, my new blog address is jnmbowlby.blogspot.com check it out! when i stop having issues i will hopefully be able to have to make me a really cute blog. i am just REALLY poor right now.

  8. No really, what are you going to do about the beds? We are in the same boat, sister. Moved Hyrum into a toddler bed this weekend, and as long as someone lays on the floor until he falls asleep, it goes great. But Dave is the only one okay with taking random naps on the floor every time Hyrum needs to sleep (HELLO, the point of Hyrum napping is so I can get something DONE!) so when Dave goes back to school tomorrow, I'm toast. Help, answer lady.

  9. And p.s I really love your birdies. And your little egg.