March 09, 2009

Rock stars, babies and Edward

We have discovered guitar hero and are totally hooked! We borrowed it from a friend the other day and I don't know if Jeremy will ever give it back. I'm horrible, but Jeremy is pretty good. The kids want to join our sweet band, so they rock out on the drums.

Last week Kelson was sick and just wanted to lay in bed ALL day every day with his mama. Poor Brynlie couldn't handle anymore inside time, so this weekend we tried to get out as much as we could. Then Kelson started getting crazy fevers so we took 'em in and found out that they both have pneumonia...ugh! Poor Kelson picks up everything! Brynlie doesn't have it as bad, but now we are quarantined for another week. Dang winter...

Good news...We got to have another ultrasound last week. Yippee!

This little guy was a stinker again though. The cord and his hands were in his face the whole time despite every attempt to make him move! So again, no great shots. This is just what he looks like though...

Luckily we do know that he's still a boy (whew) his cheeks are cute and chubby, and he has lots of hair. He's a little over 5.5 lbs now and he measures normal everywhere except for his head. Our kids like to have these 15 cm heads just like their big headed parents. This is our first baby to measure normal and not 3-4 weeks ahead though. He'd better pork up in the next 16 days or we won't know what to do with him. He is still nameless which totally keeps me up at night. I can't stand not knowing! Brynlie and Kelson were both named before we were even pregnant with them. I have anxiety attacks every night that this boy will be 3 months old and have no name. OYE!

Edward decided to make an appearance at bunko last time. That's how cool our bunko nights are. He always gets dressed up for every occasion. Silly Edward.

Kickin' it with "Coley" (the anti-Edward)

The only belly shot I have of this pregnancy. Edward totally wants me...

and Jeremy too...

Then he wanted to stop by for dinner. Luckily it happened to be the same day our fridge died, so he kept things cool until we got a new one.

Ok enough Edward pictures. I must say, way too many grown women have been having way too much fun with him the last few weeks. Don't judge us.


  1. too funny about the whole edward thing. baby that is what you should name the baby is edward or jasper. jasper is kind of cute. i too get anxiety over what to name this baby we have a name picked out, but i still wonder if that is the right one. hope the kiddos are feeling better. pnuemonia i've heard has been making its rounds this winter.

  2. Anonymous3/10/2009

    LOVE IT! You crack me up. That Edward....
    Take care... you're on the downhill side, it's all free-rolling from here - unless that baby decides to make an appearance early (or really late)! We really must get together.

  3. Okay, I'm just going to say it..I AM TOTALLY JUDGING! Edward is soon going to come up missing, and NO ONE is going to know where he is...
    it may be a bit of a problem when you have MORE pictures of old Eddy on this post than YOUR CHILDREN!!
    You know I love you.

  4. "So [Edward] kept things cool until we got a new one." Hahahahaha! Where did you guys find him? I'll edit out all the rest of the stuff I could say here... :)

    Name the kid Kelson #2. Easy enough.

  5. julie you totally make me pee my pants!!!! edward is ugly...he is much better in my dreams...*sigh* but have fun with him!! lol! you crazy crazy girl!

  6. maybe you should name your baby edward jasper or edward emmett mcdonald....hmmmm....

  7. oh haha!!! i didn't read the first comment! i is a nerd!

  8. Oh come on Nicole. I know he's no Karl Malone...hehehe

  9. Anonymous3/11/2009

    so... I need your phone number so I can call you. email me at

  10. Marimom3/11/2009

    Crazy girl!! Cheyenne also has an Edward cutout. I have been tending them some at their house while Heather is working late with busy season. I just about scream everytime I pass Chey's room. Not expecting to have someone standing in there!! AACCKK!! Am I the only person who hasn't read the books or seen the movie???? Better get to namin' that baby or I will have to do about Jerm Jr....HAAA!!
    love you bunches...kiss my poor sick babies!!!

  11. I love your cute belly! And I can't believe your little boy is almost here. I too have a name crisis with this pregnancy...we can't figure out one that we absolutely love - hopefully you will be able to find one soon, I have a much longer time to think than you do!