April 08, 2009

Birthday Girl

My baby girl is 4!!! It was Brynlie's birthday on Sunday, and she could barely sleep the night before. On Saturday we went to the store (which was our first family outing with all 5 of us that would deserve a post of it's own if I had the strength to type every horrific detail) and Brynlie got to pick out everything she wanted for her birthday breakfast and dinner. For breakfast we all sat down to big bowls of Hannah Montana cereal, pink juice and grapes. For dinner Brynlie wanted pancakes, strawberries and vanilla pudding. I have to say that Brynlie inspired me to try the pudding with the pancakes, and it was so good! I think I'll have it every time we make them. (I can picture Jeremy dry-heaving as I type that.)

Brynlie insisted on making her own "polka dot" (funfetti) cake with sprinkles, so she and Jeremy whipped it up during conference sessions. (Pay no attention to our last minute candle.)

This girl is OBSESSED with Littlest Pet Shop. And if you didn't notice, she insisted on being a ballerina for the day as well.

We went over to my parents for her birthday dinner, and Grandpa couldn't have the grandkids over without making them into pizza. He used to do this with us when we were little...and still does sometimes with Lauren :) The grandkids know if they lay down in a row then the "Swedish Chef" comes to bake them.

Brynlie has been dying to turn 4 because she knows that she can now go to pre-school. She asks me every night if she'll still be 4 when she wakes up the next day. She has to be reassured that she wont be 3 again. Bryn is still a "square". That's what they always tell her at the doctors office. Her height and weight are always the same number. She's 40x40 now. I saw on another blog that every year the mom interviews the birthday kid. I thought it would be fun to look back on some day. Here's what B had to say...

1. How old are you? 4
your Mom? 5
your Dad? 7
Kelson? "9? I don't know, can we go to Littlestpetshop.com?"
Dane? I don't know

2. What makes you happy? "Watching movies."

3. What makes you sad? "People taking toys from my hands."

4. When do you laugh? "Um, when people give me back my toys."

5. When do you cry? "When there's a scary movie on."

6. What is something mom always says to you? "Brynlie, go to bed."
and your Dad? "I love you Brynlie."

7. What is your favorite thing to eat? "Pizza"

8. What is your favorite thing to do? "Color and go to Littlestpetshop.com"

9. What is your favorite TV show? "Arthur"

10. What is your favorite story in the scriptures? "About Jesus and Joseph Smith."

11. What are you really good at? "I'm really good at coloring in the lines."

12. What are you not very good at? "turning the TV shows off."

13. What does your mom do for her job? "Washes the dishes."
and your Dad? "He takes a shower every day and teaches."
14. Who is your best friend? "Ellie."
15. What's your favorite primary song? "I am a builder."

16. What do you like to do with Kelson? "Wrestle with him"

17. What do you and your mom do together? "Play High Ho Cherryo when Kelson's in bed."
Dad?? "We go to scouts."
18. Where is your favorite place to go? "Petco"
19. How do you know your Mom and Dad love you? "Because they play with me so much every day."

You crack us up Bryn. We love you sweet girl!!!


  1. I laughed and cried so hard. That is one of the funniest things ever. I just imagined her little voice answering all of those. So good! You should have asked her who her favorite auntie was. =)

  2. That is so funny, she is hilarious. My favorite is when she says that your job is to wash the dishes. How true is that. So funny, sounds like she had a great birthday.

  3. What a GREAT idea Julie!! The interview part was my fav. Hope you remember to do that every year!! My little Brynlie is SO smart and cute. Takes after me!

  4. JulieWulie - you're just toooo much!!! Love your pics and stories. Hugs and kisses to you all. What talented granddaughters I have. P.S. Love your new blog topper.

  5. Oh that Bryn!! She is so cute!! You and I must have the samejob...washing dishes...it sure doesnt pay enough! And I love to see that you just make her go to bed, but her daddy loves her. Ha HA!! That one was my favorite! Happy Late Birthday Brynlie!! Love ya!!

  6. She is so grown up! I love her little comments and her long, long hair! Your pictures of the boys are to die for. I hope my little boy will be as cute as yours!

  7. I LOVED the interview! I wish I could find the video tape that you and Jena made interviewing each other when you were, what, about 10or 12 or so! Do you remember? Do you have the tape?

    It was so fun to see you and your family when Jena was here. You guys are wonderful! I loved Brynlie's curly hair. Something I could only ever dream about!

    love ya!