April 02, 2009

We made it a week

This week has flown by!!! Baby Dane is doing great. We don't have a single thing that fits him and every time we change his diaper he finds a way to pee on everything within a 4 foot radius. So we're washing the same 3 sleepers that almost fit him, several times a day. I didn't realize how badly I missed having a new little baby until this week. Between me, Jeremy, Brynlie and my mom, this kiddo never gets put down.

My mom took off work this week to help me out. It has been so nice! She takes Bryn and Kelson and I get to sleep with Dane and be lazy all day. Next week Jeremy is taking the week off and he can't wait. I think it kills him to go to work every day.We've also been totally spoiled with some sweet dinners. I'd have a baby more often if I could get more of this pampering.

Brynlie really is a huge help. She wants to hold Dane all day....well at least until Daddy comes home. Then her "arms get bored" of holding him. She loves to help me out and will sing to him any time he cries.

Kelson surprisingly hasn't beaten him up! I was convinced jealous Kelson would have a fit when Dane came home, but he doesn't really pay attention to him much. Kelson does get really excited when Dane opens his eyes. He loves to show him his trucks and cars. He always calls Dane "Baby" and when I ask him what the baby's name is, he says, "ummm.....Dane."

Kelson has learned many ways to keep himself busy while Mommy's not giving him enough attention.

And he's become quite self-sufficient...
I'm just so glad this baby boy is here! He looks pretty identical to Bryn and Kelson when they were born, except his hair is darker. So far he just sleeps all day and hangs out.
This delivery totally made up for the yucky pregnancy. I know this sounds crazy...but it was kind of fun. I had pretty bad contractions for about a half hour and then got an awesome epidural. 2 hours later Mr. Dane came. My nurses were racing the nurses next door to see whose patient would have their baby first. We won by a whole 3 minutes. That's what I'm talkin' about :)


  1. I LOVE that last picture!!!

  2. He's so cute. Glad to hear that you're settling well.

  3. What sweet pictures. I am so glad everything is going so well.

  4. aww so cute!!! i cant wait to see Dane and the other kiddos!! Hudson had the same problem with peeing on everything. From 4 am to 8 am one day i had to wash our 3 biggest quilts...he would pee on one so i would get another one out to use and he would go on that one...and it happened 3 times, plus our sheets...not fun, but it was pretty funny after i thought about it. And as for clothes his are getting to small!! and all we have in the next size are summer clothes and as of right now its snowing!! ugh...snow go away!!

  5. Julie and Jeremy sure produce good looking kidlets. Dane is so precious and I love him to pieces already!! Hope to get some pics for my album soon - hint, hint. Love to you all.

  6. Patty Poo4/03/2009

    Brynlie looks SO proud! I love Kelson with his fingers in his nose.Dane is a DOLL!!!! I love the pictures!!!! Love, Aunt Patty

  7. Marimom4/03/2009

    So precious....and smiling even! Wish I was there to do some of the pampering too Jujube, I promise chicken and noodles when I get there if you want them. So cute that Special K just kind of ignores him, better than bopping him, I guess. And I can tell what a good big sis Bryn is. So cute that her arms "get bored"....sounds like her. We love you guys so much and can hardly wait to get there and see you all. Hugs and kisses to all...

  8. Congratulations!! What a handsome little guy! Glad your kiddies are taking to him so well.

  9. Auntie Jan4/05/2009

    I think he looks like me. Allen thinks he looks like him. He is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Can't wait to see him! Love, Auntie Jan and Uncle Allen

  10. So very glad to know that all is well with your family. Mr. Dane looks too cute...especially in the last picture. It is amazing how we forget all the wonderful sweetness of a newborn spirit in our homes. Nothing matches it. Enjoy every minute! Would love to see you all again! Special hugs to the Sherm!

  11. He is so cute. I don't think he looks like Brynlie or Kelson...but then again he is so little, so maybe I just can't tell. He is such a babe...just like your other kiddos.
    PS. Did I tell you I'm coming home on Sunday ('till Wed.)? If you're up for a visit I'd love to come and see you!