April 20, 2009


The Easter bunny made his way to our house this year and the kids thought it was like Christmas all over again. They woke up and had to collect all of their eggs around the house. It was far too cold for the bunny to leave them outside.

All dressed up for church.

Kelson's reliable "Sheeeeeeese" face.

Double big Mac

After church we went to my parents for some yummy dinner.
Brynlie wouldn't hold still enough for pictures, but Mr. Mug Plug wanted nothing but to "Take sheeeeese piture."

This last one was from this morning. Brynlie and Kelson play so well together. They love to watch TV in the morning laying either like this or side by side on the couch. Brynlie acts like his mom, and Kelson totally has no problem with it. He listens to her more then he'll listen to me. It's so stinking cute and extremely frustrating all at the same time.


  1. OK. The bow tie. So adorable. And I know Kelson is just a baby still, but holy heck his head is huge. How does he manage to hold it up?! I can't look at that picture of him and Dane without laughing.

  2. Marimom4/23/2009

    Ooohhh, my cute boys...love that bow tie and the sheeeese faces. And of course, Bryn is adorable in her Easter finery too. I LOVE the picture of the kiddos watching TV. I can hardly wait to see Dane and kiss him all over!! Give them all kisses and hugs..........

  3. I LOVE the bow tie!! I don't think I could get away with it now...but I should have done it earlier!!! You kids are so stinkin' cute!!! Love your layout too, of course!