May 24, 2009


How cute is this face???

My mama made her grandkids their own beach bags for this summer. Brynlie demanded that she have a mermaid on hers. Meema made one for Brynlie's doll too. She isn't finished with all of them yet, but you have to go to Jaime's blog and see the other ones she made. They're so cute! I'm not on my computer so I don't have the other pictures and I can't figure out how to turn this one around, but here it is. Click here to go see the other ones.

Thank you Meema!


  1. oh my gosh that bag is so cute, and i love the one's on jaime's blog too. wow your mom is so talented. glad all went well with kelson.

  2. Marimom5/26/2009

    Oh that Meema...she is tooooooooooo creative...those are adorable. Can hardly wait to see them in person. Yahoo, that will be soon!! More importantly I can hardly wait to see those cute babies. Too, too adorable!!!! Kisses to everyone!!!

  3. All the bags are so cute! And Dane is so stinkin handsome! Love that face and those cheeks-oh! Delish!

  4. Those pictures are so cute. I can't believe how chubby Dane is. I LOVE it! Josh about died laughing at Kelson's drunk video. Poor kid...but pretty stinkin' funny!