May 24, 2009

Portland and drunk Kelson

Kelson had his yearly visit at OHSU for his innards last week. We went up and stayed a few days to play and shop. Kelson had to get another VCUG and they told us they were going to have to put him under (which is my least favorite thing ever!) but luckily when we got there they said they would just give him some drugs to make him loopy instead. And loopy he was! They first did some ultrasounds on his kidneys and bladder (which he cried and screamed through) then gave him the drugs.

This picture below explains it all. The x-ray machine was covered in stickers and they gave Kelson a whole pack of them to stick all over. Kept him entertained the entire time. We didn't take a camera, but the doctors and Jeremy and I were laughing so hard, that Jeremy got out his phone and grabbed some shots and video. When they were done Kelson couldn't even hold his neck up. He was limp and crazy. He was covered in stickers and just kept laughing. When we were walking through the hospital/in elevators/in waiting rooms, he would point to strangers and yell "I love you guys!! Love you guys!!" and "Happy...boy...happy...boy.." Everyone was bustin up.

We had to lay him in Danes seat cause he couldn't walk on his own for a few hours.

The first couple seconds of this video are so funny. This is how he acted for 3 hours. He would be one happy drunk.

Everything turned out great. His bad kidney is just hanging out. It hasn't shrunk any more, but it has zero function, so it isn't harming the other kidney or anything else. They might have to. do surgery later to take off the diverticulum (bubble thing attached) on his bladder, but right now it's not too bad so we'll see what it decides to do. Minus the ultrasounds, everything went wonderful!


  1. Auntie Jan5/25/2009

    Poor Kelson, why didn't they dope him up BEFORE the ultrasound??? He is so funny in the video!! I'm glad to hear the tests came out well. He sure is a cutie!! XXOO

  2. freakin' hilarious!!!!thanks for sharing!

  3. Marimom5/26/2009

    My poor baby...funny but sad too, wish I could just kiss and hug him tight> Give him big kisses for Marimom!!

  4. Your kids are so funny, you better watch out or they'll be funnier than you.

  5. ROFL!!! I am literally crying from laughing so hard! He is SO stinkin' cute.. and SO big. I can't wait to see you guys in August.