May 24, 2009

daaaaa beach

We wanted to go to the zoo in Portland, but the weather was like 86 degrees and there wasn't a cloud in sight, so we decided to hit the beach. Our kids had never been to a beach so we were super excited. When we got 3 miles from the ocean we drove right into the thickest fog! We couldn't even see the water from where we sat on the sand. What a bummer. The kids still loved it though.

Kelson decided to checkout the sand...and then eat it. Thought he was gonna freak out, but he seemed to enjoy it. Yummy.

Just kickin' it.

Daners slept through the whole thing.

Meema and Bryn running from the water

Auntie Laur Laur flew up to play with us and then drive back home with us to visit (jaHALLA).

Bryn and Kelson had a blast. Kelson is still sayin ""

La Push baby

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  1. Marimom5/26/2009

    I am so jealous....I want to walk on the beach with Bryn and Mr.K too. Looks like lots of fun. Oh, and then there's Edward...ahhhhh!!!