May 04, 2009

For Gare

My cousin Garrett is really good at drawing and painting. He did some spray paint paintings that were amazing! We saw them last summer and my Dad instantly said he had to make them for the art fair. So a few weeks ago he had his school kids try it out. I think they turned out really good! So these pictures are mainly for Garrett to see.

You'll have to check out this video so you can see how these paintings are made. Very cool.


  1. that video is so neat, is that your cousin in the video? the kids paintings turned out great, what a neat idea.

  2. That was so cool, I'm just sitting at my computer with my mouth open, saying "wow" over and over again. I would love to try it!

  3. Garrett5/06/2009

    Hey Jules, thanks for getting back to me with thoes pictures. Tell your dad they did an exelant job on the paintings!! I will have to teach you when you come out here too. Tell your dad when he comes out here we can learn some more techniques that he can use in next years art show. Thanks again, and I will see you soon. :)