June 26, 2009

Baseball and beads stuck in your nose

Jeremy's doing this...

While I'm doing this...
We miss you Daddy!


  1. haha, i totally stuck a bead up my nose when i was little to.

  2. Marimom6/26/2009

    I think it's in the genes....I'm sure one or more of my darling children stuck peas or beans up their noses!! And of course, it's while daddy is out of town huh?? Wish I was there to help ya out. Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That's awesome. So did you have to use the tweezers? By the way, it's a crime to look as good as you do after just having a baby (especially your third.) If you could pack on a few more pounds you would make the rest of us normal women feel better about ourselves. Thanks. (Hope you're doing well. I think about you guys often.)