June 26, 2009

Dane's blessing

Jeremy's parents came here to see Dane for the first time and to be here for his blessing. I didn't get any pictures of them though!!! I suck. But we had so much fun with them! Marilyn taught me how to make her freezer jam (which will rock your world), we had lots of good food and I learned that my Mom has chinese currency for my father (bahahaha)

After Dane's blessing, we attempted to get a family picture. Turns out were not so photogenic.

I guess this one will do.
Jeremy gave Dane a beautiful blessing. Marilyn brought up the outfit that Jeremy was blessed in, but it was too little to fit Dane :( So we attempted to use the same one that Kelson wore. His head isn't quiet as big as Kelson's was, so it went on ok. It was kind of hard to get off though.

Here are just a few cute ones of Bryn and Dane. None of Kelson. He wasn't havin' it.

This is Gigi with her 6th great grandkid. Too bad that crazy lady had to jump in the picture right before I took it!


  1. hahahahahah! You make me snort-laugh!!

  2. jules! you look great and so does your cute family! love you!!

  3. Best picture of mom ever. Almost want to frame this. You need to send me the unedited one. hehe

  4. Marimom6/26/2009

    Such cute pics Juju-be. I love the one of Bryn by the tree, I think your dad took....so photogenic! Of course not quite as photogenic as Meemaw though...good one! So funny about the chinese money (inside joke)...what a fun night that was!! Thanks for the fun visit we had...can hardly wait till you all come this summer!!

  5. Diamond Face McPalerson6/27/2009

    Long time stalker, first time commenter!

    Dude, you and Jedward are freak'n hotties!

  6. I'm a regular stalker and your family photo is so darling but you two are so young looking it almost looks like a typical mormon family of just kids with no parents in the picture, just teenagers holding their younger siblings. Too cute and I love the bead up the nose. Five kids and I've still not dealt with that phenomenon. signed, stalker, shirley baker kmetzsch