July 09, 2009

4th of July

For the 4th we hit the parade with some friends. Brynlie thought it was pretty cool, plus she got a flag key chain, so that made her day.
Kelson was digging the firetrucks.

Then my Aunt Anne and Uncle Lynn invited us all over that evening for swimming, BBQ and fireworks.
Kelson has never really loved swimming (not like we go much anyways) but he didn't want to get out of the water this time.
Papa Lynn made some AMAZING BBQ and we had a sweet firework show. All of the kids ended up falling asleep by the end. Not sure how that's possible.

And I just had to throw this in of my little thumb sucker. I try to trade that thumb for a binky all the time, but when it's time for naps, the thumb is all he wants. I know in 4 years when he's still sucking his dirty thumb, I'll kick myself for not trying harder to kick this habit, but it's just so cute now.


  1. Marimom7/11/2009

    Looks like you had a way fun 4th!!

    Love that little thumb sucker!! So cute! Pretty lucky with the binky removal for Mr. K. Getting rid of the thumb may not be so easy...but it will be okay and like you said, so cute now!! Hugs and kisses.....

  2. Aww, the thumb sucking really is cute. We're weaning the binky right now also - not going quite so well. Your kiddos are so cute, as always!

  3. Looks like fun! I wish I could have been there. We were boring and lazy and watched all of 3 fireworks in our "neighborhood"!
    Your kids are so adorable and I swear they get cuter every single day (if that's even possible).
    AND- I think that the 2nd picture of Jeremy from when he was a kid- the expression on his face is such a Brynlie expression.

  4. Auntie Jan7/19/2009

    Kelson is such a big boy now!!! And Dane is a HUNK!!! I want to eat them both up!!! XX OO

  5. Hey Julie cuz! Just wanted to say "Hiya!" and again thank you for the awesome blog you set up for Brad and I. I've finally updated it and vow to do a better job and keeping peeps posted. Anywho, its thanks to you! Have fun at Grandma birthday bash :)

  6. You guys are the cutest family ever. Well, mine's pretty cute too, so maybe we could tie.

  7. Hey Julie, I was wondering if you took the picture for Dane's baby announcement? It's so dang cute that we tried to replicate, I hope you don't mind...I'm a total copy cat! Although sadly ours didn't turn out near as good as yours did! We were crazy trying to go fast with pics before my other kids woke up from naps! Anyway, super cute pictures, saw it again at Ann mortensons tonight and I hope again you don't mind we at least 'tried' to copy! (at the time though I actually coudlnt even remember where I had seen the idea before! Then saw that announcement tonight)