July 09, 2009

Birthday boy #2

So this cute kid just turned 2 on the 27!!

He is forever trying to ride other kids Razor scooters, with no luck. So we found this steal of a deal at Ross.

And he was one happy boy. He wore his helmet and pads to bed for the first 2 nights. Now he just settles for the pads.

Jeremy was gone on Kelson's birthday, so we waited until he got home and celebrated Kelson and Connor's birthdays together. Brynlie and Dane are the only ones who don't have a birthday in June, so we had a busy month!

This is Kelson every morning for the last week. Yes my son is wearing a onesie. Yes he is two. Please pretend like you don't notice.
When our kids turn two we get rid of the binkys. With Brynlie we cut the tip off so she couldn't suck it, and that was that. I knew Kelson would have a major early-life crisis if we did that, so I was debating if I had the strength to deal with it. A few days after his birthday he didn't ask for it when he went to bed one night, and I didn't offer. He totally fell right to sleep. He went a good 3 days before realizing his binky was MIA. When he asked for it I gave him a book to read and all was well. I have no idea how that happened so smoothly. Either I did something amazing up in heaven, or I'm just getting some freebies now because Kelson is going to pay me back when he's 15. Either way, I'll take it for now.
I figured I had to do my birthday interview on Kelson too. Here's what he had for me:
What is your favorite animal? "Cow"
Favorite food? "Pancakes"
Favorite color? "Golf ball....no....blue"
What does Mommy say? "I love you"
What does Daddy say? "Lets golf"
What does Bryn say? "The ABC's"
What do you want to do today? "Golfing"
What do you want to be when you are big like Daddy? "Meema's house" ??
What's your favorite song? "Daddy song" (I'm so glad when Daddy comes home)
What's your favorite toy? Bike...motorcyle. I sit motorcyle!!! (He sat on one a few months ago and still brings it up every day)
What do you like to do? "eat...food" (That's my boy)
How old are you? "Three"
And there you have it folks. The cutest 2 year old evaaaaaa.


  1. So Preston has that same shirt and the same little dump truck from Walmart. I cant wait til they get to play together...other than my child doesn't talk...hmm....maybe Kelson can teach him. Oh I love the Monser from Build a Bear...we might have to copy you. Its way cute! I love Kelson's cute answers...golf ball...no..blue(thats my fav!!)

  2. Marimom7/11/2009

    What a cute b-day boy!!! I love the birthday survey...keep that up every year and keep a record of it...you will be so glad you did! Looks like he will really be cruisin' on that scooter. Give him big hugs and kisses for Marimom, if you can catch him.

  3. Marimom7/11/2009

    Me again.....I forgot to say that I LOVE the look on Kelson's face when he got his scooter....priceless!!

  4. oh so precious!!! That Kelson really melts my heart! Love the sun glasses.