July 09, 2009

Birthday boy #1

This guy had his 28th birthday on June 25. This is my all time favorite picture of Jer. Look at that cute outfit his mommy made him. He looks like he should be singing a cappella at Disneyland.

And check out that chin! You can't tell, but Jeremy still has all that skin on his chin/neck. He's like a shar pei.

For his b-day he left me alone with all of the kids for a week got to go to Chicago with his brother Kenny.

They got to do lots of fun stuff. Watched some baseball games (which I still don't understand why the White Sox are called the White Sox, but they wear black socks...hmmm), they ate a lot of food, Jeremy got to go to a Harry Potter museum, all in all Jeremy had a BLAST.

(Look close at that cross walk hand. Anyone else find it interesting??? :) First thing I noticed. Don't judge me. Blame Chicago.

Ron's car

Jeremy crammed his suitcase so full, he didn't have room for the camera. So again...fuzzy pictures. Not quiet sure what this is...maybe I should have Jeremy update this post.

Happy birthday to you Daddy Mac!


  1. Marimom7/09/2009

    Thanks for bringing tears to the Mommy's eyes....how can my baby boy be 28 already? Seems like he should still be little to me! Plus, it makes me much older to have him that old....ewwwww!! Love you bunches birthday boy!!! Now we need a blog n the other birthday boy. I can hardly wait!! Love you guys.....

  2. What are you talking about... chin?? How about that forehead! :) Just had to say it on Kenny's behalf.

  3. um hello! American Gothic.
    Grant Wood. Duh.
    (Sorry Julie. You know I love you!)

  4. I did know it was american gothic. I promise! I just don't understand what a huge statue of it is doing in Chicago.