July 09, 2009

for the love of a unicorn

I've been wanting to take Brynlie to Build a Bear for a couple years now, but we don't live close to one, and I wanted her to be a little older. I've been telling her about it for awhile and we have gone to the Build a Bear website a couple times. She has been talking about getting a unicorn forever now, and she finally got her chance.

She was so stinking excited. I secretly smiled when she picked the unicorn and picked the name Marabella. Christy, I trust you will find my enjoyment in this.

And it was the day before Kelson's birthday, so I had to get him one too. This is Monser.

I had to add this picture of K. He has been wearing Brynlie's pink polka dot sunglasses for a year, so I finally bought him some boy ones. He wore them all the way home from Medford (at 10:00 at night) and ate breakfast with them the next day.


  1. Marimom7/11/2009

    Don't you know that the sun ALWAYS shines when you're COOL, so for K it was totally appropriate for him to wear his shades at 10:00 at night! Way to go cool boy!!!

    Love the unicorn and "monser". Isn't Build a Bear such a fun place?

    Love you guys............

  2. Julie we took Casey to Build a Bear for her birthday and she got the same unicorn! I too was so excited what more does a little girl need!!!
    Love you, Rose