August 22, 2009


Ok this my completely random post of summer goodness here.
So first order of business...

Jeremy finished up his masters degree!!!
Yippee! He celebrated by going out and buying himself a brand new pillow. What can I say? He knows how to party. Way to go Jer!

So my sister Lauren is preggo! She's already like 14 weeks (that's like 6 months according to the baby book of Gerber nonsense) and she made me keep it a secret for forever!!! I had this bracelet made for my mom to tell her Lauren was pregnant. It has all of her grandkids and their birthstones on it. Then the last one says 'Feb. 28, 2010' and has a purple amethyst. I was so excited to finally spill the beans. Um, and by the way...she's not sick AT ALL!!! I hate her. How does that happen?

Jeremy and I started P90X this week. For those who don't know, it's an exercise program that kicks your butt. I've never worked out for more then 2 consecutive days in my life. Not from the lack of needing to, but from the complete and total lack of self control that I have. It makes me vomit just thinking about it. My thoughts on's not really beneficial to have tons more energy throughout the day when your body is so sore you can't move. I told Jeremy he is in charge of making me stick to it though. Cross your fingers.

Also, my friend Laurie from Tip Junkie has asked me (and when I say me, I mean Leelou, cause Julie isn't cool enough :( to be a featured member over on her new ning network. It's kind of like a facebook for Tip Junkie.There really is lots of great ideas, contest and fun stuff there. You should go check it out! No really, go check it out. I'm recruiting you!


  1. Big CONGRATULATIONS Jeremy on completing your Master's degree! And, Julie, I love that picture of your family leaning against the tree - maybe some day when you have nothing (ha) to do, you will send it over to Walgreens for me!! My snapshot album is not growing very fast.

  2. Auntie Jan8/25/2009

    Okay......reading all the things you have been up to has made me sooo tired that I'm going to take a nap!!!! I don't know how you do it!!!!!!! Dane is SO big!!!

  3. Congratulations to Jeremy and your sister. Let me know how P90X works my husbands likes the look of it too.