August 24, 2009


I've ALWAYS wanted to play the piano. I could listen to people play the piano for hours. I'm jealous every time I see someone play amazingly. I want to do that! I heard this song a long time ago and knew that one day I HAD to play it.

Then when I started making wedding videos I found Paul Cardall. He's amazing. If you don't have any of his music go buy some! Click here and seriously buy some!

We have a few of his CD's. My favorite is the Primary worship. Get it for your kids. You'll love it!

Anyway, so Jeremy and I have been dying to learn how to play for years and after almost a year of searching Craigs list we found this incredible steal of a deal!!!

I'm so excited!!! I am going to play those two songs above by Paul Cardall and Jon Schmidt. One day. It may take me til I'm 60 to learn how, but I will!


  1. Beautiful piano Julie. I had to sell the one I had when I moved to my current house because none of my kids wanted to learn how to play! It looked a lot like yours. I know you will learn fast and well just like everything else you do.

  2. How cool! It fits nicely there. I'm jealous, because I have also been wanting to learn. Have you heard Paul's christmas music? AWESOME

  3. Auntie Jan8/25/2009

    I think your mom knows Chopsticks!