August 24, 2009

Utah vacay

For 3 weeks this summer we went to Utah. Instead of writing a novel, here are some highlights from our trip:

-saw all of Jeremy's family and almost all of my extended family

-met a new niece and nephew and 2 new cousins

-spent 40 hours in a car and found out that Kelson too, gets carsick

-pulled over in the middle of Idaho for a half hour to hose out Kelson's carseat

-celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday party with her

-traveled from Logan to Spanish Fork several times visiting friends and family

-we were able to do some "real" shopping and eating

-all of our kids got really sick one after the other after the other

-we got some much needed family pictures taken

-scanned a bazillion family pictures for everyone to have

While we were at my grandmas we scanned hundreds of pictures. A lot of them were really old ones of great great great grandparents, so I'm glad that everyone can have a copy of them now. Here are some of my favorites of the Mortenson pictures.

This is my cute Dad on his mission

My parents back in the day

I love this picture of my grandparents. Grandma, you look awesome! I love it.

For some reason I love this picture. This is when Grandma was pregnant with her first baby.

And this picture of my grandpa looks EXACTLY like my Dad!

This is when my Dad got home from his mission. Man mom, look at you. You even got your nails done. You were workin' it.

Strike that. Uncle were the one workin' it.


  1. Those are some seriously sweet pictures!

  2. Bahhhahahaha! I have no words for that last one!! did you make cd's cause I never got one.

  3. Your dad looks exactly the same!! Loved all the pics. Beautiful family pic too!

  4. No I haven't made the CD's yet. I still need to get a few hundred more pictures from Uncle Lynn's computer.

  5. No they weren't huge when they were born Kenden was 7lbs 1oz. It took him a good 2 months before he really started packing on the pounds. Tate was 8lbs 4oz and immediately started gaining! Tate was always off the charts. I had to warn people before picking them up. Even still they are so much heavier than they look!

  6. First, Julie, you look GREAT in that family picture! Way way cute.

    Second, dad looks exactly the same, just with some "blonde" hair. And I totally wish he had that 3 peice suit still. What a treasure.

    Third, I found that picture of Glen funny only because he's still exactly the same himself. If he could fit into that shirt I'm sure he'd still wear it. I can't wait to show him.

  7. Auntie Patty8/25/2009

    Julie you are awesome! Love your blog and love those fat babies! Too funny of Dane in that chair! Love all the oldies too, Lyn and Evan are still the same! LOL Love you

  8. Auntie Jan8/25/2009

    That's actually my dress your mom had on and I don't remember her asking me to wear it!!!!! No, wait......I think that IS me!!!

    Cute pics!

  9. Auntie Patty8/26/2009

    Sorry was my outfit and that's Lyn!!! LOL

  10. We were glad to get to see you this trip, even if it was only for an hour or so. We look forward to your next visit.

  11. Your family portrait is so cute!

  12. Oh my my my. Those were the days. . . . . . What a fun post! We simply must get together to finish the picture project. I thought that flash drive of mine would hold a million pictures, so I started downloading all the pictures from our computer, but, you guessed it, now the flash drive is full and there are still lots left to download. So I don't know how we want to handle putting all the pictures in one place. Actually, Uncle Lynn is looking for an external hard drive that will hold the entire world. That should about do it.

  13. Okay I'm obviously in your archives because I just found this blog, but I LOVE LOVE your gradmother's outfit! and your uncle is hilarious!!!