August 24, 2009


I'm have 3 sponsors that are sending me to a blog conference called SITScation in October and I can't wait! I got to meet with them while I was in Utah and it was a blast.

I am so impressed with these 3 companies. I love them. At the conference I will be promoting these companies as well, so I knew I had to genuinely love their stuff....and I do! So I wanted to tell you all a little about them.

I first met with Memory Mixer, which is my fav. digital scrapbooking program ever! If you haven't heard of them, check them out. My mom just used their software to make a book online. If my mom can do it ANYONE can do it! Believe me! (I even have a special Leelou discount to get you 30% off an order if you are interested.)

Anywho...they're having an awesome contest for kids this summer and they told me they wanted me to judge the contest and find 9 other blog moms who would judge as well. Then they took me to their warehouse, gave me a shopping cart and told me to fill it up with goodies for the judges. I was like a little kid at Christmas with Pixie Stix and a pony. It was so much fun!

My other sponsor is Scrapping Simply.

They do all my prints for me and for Leelou stuff and I wouldn't go anywhere else. They make these amazing gallery wraps on canvas too, that I'm currently stocking my house with. They're amazing. I got to go see their place and how everything works. I'm seriously impressed with their quality and prices. They have the greatest stuff and the nicest people that work there.

The last sponsor I got to meet with was Bloggled. I've been working with them for awhile now and think they're going to rock the blog world pretty soon here. They currently back up blogs and twitter accounts. So many people email me saying they accidentally deleted their posts or even their blogs. I can't imagine losing all my stuff! It's my journal. So these guys will back everything up so that nothing bad will ever happen. Genius. If you're interested in that you can click here for more info. They're soon going to be doing blog books as well. They showed me their blog book program that's coming out, and it is seriously amazing!!! By far the best one (and legal one) out there. I can't wait til they launch! They've been working hard and I'm dying for them to be ready to go!

It was a total blast. I love being able to do something I absolutely love and still stay at home with the kiddos. I've meet a ton of really fun people from blogging and hope to meet lots more.

Ok, there is my shameless plug for 3 companies I use and love.

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