September 19, 2009

After waiting "her whole life" (according to Brynlie) it was finally the first day of preschool! Bryn has been dyyyyying to go for well over a year now, so she was so super pumped. On the first day of school she asked if I would just hug her at the car and not walk her into her class :(
Aren't they supposed to be at least 13 before that starts?
Now when I drop her off she compromises and lets me at least walk her to the gate.
She is loving her class and thinks that show and tell is the greatest thing ever created.

We had stake conference a few weeks ago and K was sick, so he stayed home with Jeremy to rest. And by rest I mean play. He's obsessed with Cars and Toy Story right now. He'll wear this and run around saying "Finity Yond!"


  1. Thank you sooo much for taking the time to post pictures of your kidlets - sooo cute and I do think that is 100% cream you are feeding that #3 child!!! Also, love your updates on their goingson.

  2. He and Carter would get along great!

  3. Marimom9/21/2009

    Ohhh, sweet Miss Bryn going to preschool already? I know she's waited "all her life" for this moment, but it sure seems to have gotten here fast to me. She looks adorable on her first day of school, as usual. And My cute little Buzz...what a hoot! Kisses and hugs to my sweeties!!