September 19, 2009

K's awesome hair

This is how Kelson started out...

Then came the Sloth look. Seriously what were we thinking? Why didn't we shave his head?
That's awesome.

I tried to get a picture of Kelson's hair now. This is the best I could get. Every time we cut it you can see a ring around his head. It looks like he's balder in that ring, but he just has really light hair there.

Cleaning up hair is fun to do. Fun to do, to do , to do...

What a cute kid!


  1. Diamondface McPalerson9/19/2009

    Hey, has Jedward been working out?

  2. Is that the vacuum hair cutting thing-a-ma-jig? Those things always freaked me out. It looks like it worked though. Handsome boy!

  3. that's the vacuum. Jeremy cuts his hair with clippers.

  4. I was just about to ask if that was a vacum cutting thing too, love that is how you clean him up afterwards, do you think I could get away with that with my male clients!

  5. Marimom9/21/2009

    Coulda fooled me...I thought for sure you were using a Flowbee on Kelson, Jerm. I knew it wasn't tho' cuz I've watched you cut his hair. Just hadn't ever seen you clean him up with the shopvac before. :o) Such a handsome boy! Like father, like son!! Love you guys!!

  6. jules!!! your family just cracks me up. or maybe your posting style does! i loves it all!