October 27, 2009


So Jeremy and I are obsessed with taking pictures of funny stuff with our phones and sending them to each other when we're not together. I was loading them onto my computer the other day and thought I might want to document the awesomeness of a few of these pictures to look back on in years to come. Brace yourself...

Bump It ahahahahaha
She looks like a mini Aunt Temple :)

Preschool countdown (Did you notice her rockin' outfit?)

My dad had Brynlie trying to trick everyone who walked into Old Navy. Barely anyone noticed her.

These pictures are older. Pocket Edward hasn't made an appearance since Auntie Laur Laur was here. So entertaining.

Please tell me this isn't the most amazing picture you've ever seen? Hello nameless man I will see at church on Sunday. Bet you didn't know I was watchin!


  1. Hahahaha! that last one turned out AWESOME!!

  2. Thanks for all the pics - they are wonderful. Hope we don't have to wait another month for more!!!!

  3. Those are hilarious! I was just looking at the blog to make sure I was spelling Brynlie's name right for the preschool pictures (did Jaime talk to you about those) and I got stuck reading your posts. You crack me up! Bryn's a cutie, it was fun taking her pictures, what a sweetheart.

  4. Hahaha! Love the pictures- they are classic Julie! I am impressed with the last picture as well. That definitely beats Logan's pee shot from Peekaboo Photos. =)

  5. no seriously!? is that man really peeing? Cuz that's a hard angle to get.. believe me I've tried.

    oh wait..