October 24, 2009

Catch up

Here's a small recap of what we've been up to...

This is how photogenic Kelson has become. He is obsessed with anything related to Toy Story and Cars. He loves the word super. Its always super dark, he's super thirsty, dinosaurs are super huge... He has finally stopped crying when we drop Brynlie off for preschool, he would eat "bamamas" all day if he could, he is never seen without a car in his hand and he says "Awwwwwwwwwww Danett!!" whenever things aren't going right. Its probably the funniest thing ever.

Brynlie does a curtsy and says thank you every time she is given something or permission to do something. It's awesome. Especially when we're in public. This girl is obsessed with writing and drawing, making Dane laugh and singing. She is so patient with her demanding little brother and helps me a ton without complaining. May it last forever...haha

Dane started crawling last week! He's my first kid that didn't do the army crawl first. It's kind of nice now that he can crawl. I strategically place cheerios in certain areas to keep him entertained for long periods of time. Don't judge me. It works. And I love it. He is really content with anyone and anything and smiles all the live long day. He'll shake his head side to side when we say "no no no no no". He loves Brynlie and is slightly terrified of Kelson. That boy has a lot of love for Dane. He mauls him.

Jeremy is on the Tech Cadre for the district, or the geek squad as I lovingly refer to it. We're total tech nerds. We're cool with it. Jeremy has traveled to Portland quiet a few times for meetings, so he's been out of town a lot lately. His school also got a huuuuge grant from Apple so Jeremy got a MacBook pro the other day. He might as well be out of town again. We don't see him much over the glow of the monitor. He has some other tech toys coming his way, so we may not see him for awhile. It makes him giddy.
I've been playing mommy by day, blogger by night. Hence the lack of attention on this blog. I have a few sites that I'm going to be launching between Nov. and hopefully January. I've been working on them for months and am super excited to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
When Jeremy and I aren't being nerdy, you can find us watching the Office reruns. We're totally addicted and can't control ourselves.
That's pretty much all we've been up to the last month or so. Pretty awesome hu? Now don't all come over at once to hang out with us and our awesomeness. Call ahead and we'll pencil you in.


  1. Oh Jules, you crack me up!!

  2. Marimom10/25/2009

    Oh my goodness....do I have the most adorable grandbabies in the whole world or what? They are amazing. That suit on Kelson is the cutest thing ever, what a cute little man. And Bryn is truly a princess...what with curtsies and so forth. And that little chubbette Dane...bet he'll be working some of his chubbies off with all that crawling. Wish I could be there to squeeze them tight.
    Way to go Sherm with your new MacBook and the travels...they chose the right guy. Have fun with all your tech stuff I wouldn't even be able to turn on or off. :o) Miss you guys so much and love you more........

  3. Yes we do want to hang out with your awesomeness. Are you coming to Portland or what?

  4. So cute! Your kids grow way too fast!

  5. I have never thought of the strategically placed cheerios. I am going to have to try that....it might make it so I can get more done! Your kids are looking so cute and getting so big!
    Jason is a total Apple geek too...we always have to get the latest gadget...even if the one we have isn't really that old yet...drives me nuts! We also have to say our ode to Steve Jobs almost everyday. It's an obsession I tell you!