October 24, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

I got back from my blogging conference a few days ago and it was a stinkin' hoot!

Lauren came along with me and I talked my mom into coming too so she could play nanny. And when I say I talked my mom into it, I really mean that she begged me desperately to bring her.
She's a sucker for a vacation. I'm a sucker for a nanny.

Workin it.

I left Bryn and Kelson at home and brought the Daners with me. He was so super good!
6 months is the perfect age to be a travel buddy!

He was over stimulated by all the lights and noises, so he just sat in his stroller in silence the whole time. Apparently there aren't many babies in Vegas because he was a hit.

Carissa was my traveling partner as well. (We look awesome after a day of traveling) Carissa and I emailed each other several times a looong time ago. Then she randomly moved into my ward last year. Girls at the conference thought it was so crazy that we ended up living in the same teeny tiny town in Oregon. By the way, Carissa is the shiz. Just in case you were wondering. Yes, I just said that.

Lauren met up with us in Vegas also. We totally ran into the Kardashian family. Literally. Lauren ran the stroller into them cause they were in the way filming their show. We couldn't get by them and into the hotel so Lauren cleared a path for us. My mom yelled at me to take pictures, but I just can't be a fan girl to celebrities. It's awkward.

Kim did invite us to her birthday party, but we graciously declined....and the dress code had a limit of 1/4 yard of fabric, so we opted to stay inside and watch Glee in our jammies.

This guy totally looks like Johnny Depp hu?

Right when we got there we hit the buffet...naturally. I decided to get myself a plate of desserts when I was done eating. It was good. Like, really really good.

So I got some more. Have I mentioned that I have no self control?

So very inappropriate.

So much yummy food!!!

So I am pretty ok with saying that I have never stayed in a nice hotel. EVER! I'm all about paying the least amount of $ possible for sleeping. At this conference they put us up in suites at the Venetian, and it totally rocked my world. I just may become a hotel snob from here on out. It was amazing. They had a TV in the bathroom! That's all I can say.

At night I laid Dane in the corner of the sectional and pushed the ottoman up to the corner, then surrounded him with pillows. The bed I slept in was amazing! So comfy that I slept like a rock. Sleep so good that you wouldn't even hear your baby fall off the couch and cry in the middle of the night. Not like that happened, but if it did...

Nanny Meema

Ok now onto the conference. I talk to a lot of mommy bloggers every day and I was so excited to meet some of them! We had some great speakers, food, dancing and gifts...ahem....
Here are a couple people I was super excited to meet...

Angie from 7 clown Circus

Renee from Cutie Booty Cakes. She's amazing and travels all over the place!

I was really excited to finally meet Laurie from Tip Junkie. She's possible the cutest thing ever.

Oh Lula...How I want to be best friends with you and your southern accent. I found Lula a couple months ago through a secret blog that she hilariously contributes to and knew at once we were meant to be friends. I heart you.

Welp, that sums up my trip. It was so fun to get away, but I missed my kiddos dearly. And my Jedward of course. Did I mention that this was waiting for me when I got home?

My cheeks have never hurt so bad from laughing as I played this game. Yahoo for Twilight. "aahahahaha...That is correct."


  1. Thanks for the "inappropriate" pic of me that you put up! You could have at least said that it was Auntie Jan and not me! Great pics though.

  2. Marimom10/25/2009

    Oh gosh...that Lynie...you can't take her anywhere, he he he!! Looks like you guys had way too much fun! Lucky Lynie to be the Nanny...the best part, I'd think. You and I think a lot alike Ju-Ju-Be....when you considered the Gelato counter as "yummy food". I don't think I saw any other kind of food in the pics, except sweets! Woo-hoo!!! Glad you had such a fun trip and got home safely. So fun to see your blog updated too! Love ya.......

  3. I just love your blog and "Shiz" is my kids favorite word, isn't that just great?! Anyway, you're kids are so cute and maybe we'll get a chance to see them in real life when we come for Christmas break.

  4. A. Whats wrong with my face in the second picture of us.
    B. Where is my picture with Thunder Down Under.
    3. I'm totally coming over right now to play Scene it with you.

  5. Looks like you had tons of fun! I totally want to play Twilight Scene It with you...I want it for from Santa...haha! Oh yeah... way CUTE pics of the kids! Kelson looks JUST LIKE my brother...but cute.

  6. Ahh, to experience the world through the life of a Mortenson lady. You guys are a hoot! I'm coming over for Twilight Scene it next month - don't memorize all the answers.

  7. i LOVE this post! looks like you had an amazing time! love the pic of you and Lula! someday we'll have one too!

  8. You are hilarious! I think my SIL was at the same conference! You are so creative and I love reading about your adventures! One of these days we'll have to meet in person!