January 06, 2010

As always, things have been crazy around here. But I did get around to posting Christmas pictures before Easter!!  Last year I was able to virtually meet some awesome bloggers. Here are some links to a few seriously funny people. Go check them out. And laugh.

Mommy SnarkThe Meanest Mom

I've been learning a lot in becoming a professional geek lately. I've been able to gain a few new designers throughout the year to help out with various Leelou stuff and have so many more things I'd love to do. If only we didn't have to sleep...

But now...My bloggy friends...the time has come.

I've teamed up with Mormon Mommy Blogs and we've been putting together the ultimate blogging conference for all you blogging mamas out there! It's really going to happen and I'm soooo excited! We're having lots of awesome classes taught by the best of the best. Everything from writing to photography, internet safety to blogging basics, and so much more! Plus we have some sweet speakers like:

Registration opened today.  It's going to be in SLC May 28 and 29.
So click here to check out the site. Go get a ticket, and then you can watch me make a fool of myself as I attempt to speak infront hundreds of people.
(You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.)

{Also, I'm giving away 3 pre-made layouts on Divine Diva Media! Click here to enter to win and a custom blog design on the Swag blog. You can click here to enter that one.}

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  1. me= the worst because it's been a bit since I've caught up on blogs & i just realized you mentioned me.. well, my other personality :)