January 08, 2010

Polar Express

So a few days before Christmas my cute Dad planned out this whole Polar Express night for the grandkids. He started of by making his borax ornaments. They're made out of pipe cleaners so the kids could shape them however they want. Then they make them all bling blingy.

Then we made some ginger bread houses. This was the first Macdonald gingerbread house to not fall down! Jahalla.

Then grandpa told the kids some stories. Brynlie lives for my dads stories. Every time we go over she wants him to tell her about when he or I was little. This is the zone-face she gets every time. She'd sit there for hours.

During the week the kids had to do things to earn fake money. Then Grandpa set up a store where they could buy popcorn and candy.

Then someone plagiarized Polar Express tickets and the kids got to buy them and get them punched.
My Dad's cute. I know. Then the kids actually watched the whole movie downstairs while the parents chilled upstairs. It was wonderful...and quiet. The kids all got big jingle bells at the end and fell asleep in the car before we even left my parents driveway. I'm not sure if my Dad or the grandkids had more fun...or the parents for that matter. Thanks Grandpa!


  1. Marimom1/11/2010

    What a super, clever Grandpa!! No wonder you don't want to leave Klamath...can't say I blame you! What a fun, fun, fun night for all!! Wish I could have been there! Love you....

  2. How fun is that?! That is so awesome!

    And I love your Christmas pictures. Funny Jeremy!!