April 04, 2010

Happy Easter...I mean Valentine's Day

I had these sitting in a draft for the last two months and forgot to publish them! For Valentine's Day we were in Portland visiting some friends. Jared and Dani always go all out for V-day. I mean alllll out. We were unaware of the level of celebration and attire that was required.

We convinced a naive teenager to watch, feed and put to bed our children while we hit the local roller derby. It was probably the coolest thing ever.

Then we went out to Jack In The Box for a romantic candle lite dinner...where they truly let us light candles. They were ghetto like that.
Thanks guys for a fun weekend! We'll be back next year!

Nothing says I love you like a roller derby

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  1. Wait-guy in red cape. Was he in our ward? He is so familiar looking.