July 06, 2010

Burnt Toast

I don't like to cook.
I know that probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone. I should probably rephrase that. I can't cook. I really can't. I'm domestically challenged. I blame genetics.

There was a week in April where I burned the bottoms of 2 pans so badly that I had to throw them away. One was from steaming vegetables and the other from making macaroni. This was neither the first nor the second time I have thrown away a pan from burning it. I can't make this stuff up.

I can't cut a tomato, I don't know if something needs more flavoring and I have no idea how to peel an avocado without destroying it.

But I do like to eat. And by "like" I mean "love". Some might think that due to the amount of food I consume I would be an amazing food critic. This would be false. I like food. A lot. But I have the worst taste buds on the planet.
Coke or Root Beer? Can't tell the difference.
Scandalous I know.
Kraft or Western Family? Can't tell the difference.
Cold Stone or Great Value? Can't tell the difference.
The list goes on.

I'll eat just about anything as long as its not spicy. Big Red gum is death to me.

Luckily Jeremy doesn't mind. The very first time I met Jeremy he walked into my kitchen and I asked him if he wanted some homemade lasagna. 3 months later he told me he saw the Stoffers box in the garbage.
He knew very well what he was getting himself into.

So 2 years ago I put my recipes on a blog so that I could have them all in one handy place. These recipes are special Julie-proof recipes. I have 2 requirements. Easy and delicious. And luscious.
"Deluscious. I just made up a word. Did you see that?"

Due to the overwhelming amount of two people asking me for a recipe, I think I'll finally share this blog with you all. There are like 3 recipes to choose from and I doubt I'll update it frequently, but have at it.
I can't claim any of the recipes, but I do.  And I will continue to do so.
They're all my absolute favorites. Please try Aunt Kris's Carmel Sauce. It will rock your world. Not even kidding.


  1. I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago looking for a new background for my blog. Since then have been Blog stalking. (blalking? -needs work) I love your designs, writing and pictures. I laughed over everything in the twilight topic. I've been able to relate well, as I am a LDS mom of three kids, dabble in graphic design, and am amused by twilight. But this post is totally me. I could say ditto to everything. So I am really excited to check out your easy and delicious recipes. Because I am hopeless in the kitchen.

  2. Julie: If you use your amazing writing skills to publish books, and articles along with your amazing blog talents, you can hire a cook in no time. So just continue to do what you do best and it will all work out. You are, and I've used this word to describe you before, AMAZING!!! Not to mention a marvelous mom.

  3. And not to leave out Jeremy who is also amazing and your wonderful amazing kidlets!!! Love you all.

  4. Julie,
    You are amazing. I look at the utahdealdiva site daily and noticed that you are updating her blog! You are all over the place. I was just reading more about the CBC and am so impressed with you! How do you find the time to do all you do? I need to find something that I can do from home to make money. I want to stop leaving my little baby. Anyway, you ROCK!

  5. I love you wife, despite your pan burning and lack of culinary skills. And the lasagna was Great Value, not Stoffer's...remember, you can't tell the difference : )

  6. I love that idea, but most of all I love that graphic!

  7. Julie... you have to have bad taste buds to eat ketchup on tacos. You should come visit us again, I will make you food, you can try to teach me how to use blurb because I am blurb dumb.

  8. Marimom7/20/2010

    Yes Julie, you can cook some things. You make amazing rolls and not everyone can say that!! Like everything else, it takes practice!! All I could do was bake when I first got married! You are sure right about Aunt Karen's caramel sauce. I can just sit and eat it with a spoon. I try not to, but I could!!