July 18, 2010

MacBerry Updates

I have about a billion things to update here, but these cell phone pictures will have to hold you over until I get time to post.

Sweet outfit

This is how K gets himself dressed

We gave this bad boy away out our conference. This is Mindi right before she tried to run off with it.

I win!


  1. Your kids crack me up! I love how spunky they are!

  2. Marimom7/20/2010

    Boy!! Somebody sure has stinkin cute grandkiddos!!! I know, I know, it's ME!!!! Love Daner's sweet outfit while he's sleepin'. Bryn is adorable and Mr. K is so much like his dad with the tie thing. Soooooooooo dang cute!!!! Love you guys sooooooo much!!