September 18, 2010

I am not ok with this

Once upon a time I had a baby named Brynlie. 
She sat there. 
And didn't move. 
For one year.

I witnessed other mothers strapping their babies into things like bouncers and strollers.
And I mocked them. 
Why strap in a baby? They don't need it. They just sit there!

Then Kelson was born. And the same was said of him. I continued to laugh at the mothers who felt it necessary to tie down their little babies. Why would they even make straps on baby gear? Fools.

Then Dane was born. And a light bulb clicked. And I was put in my place. 
I suddenly understood why things have straps. And why people drag their children around on a leash. Because apparently some children require them. And I may be loosing my mind as I figure this out. 

Dane is Houdini. He can get out of everything and crawl into anything. I bet if I stuck Kelson in a crib he still couldn't figure out how to crawl out. But Dane can.

Brynlie couldn't walk up the stairs by herself til she was 3 (we have some seriously uncoordinated children). But Dane can. 

Kelson never attempted to crawl on the dining room table, or up the latter to the bunk beds, or on top of the toilet, or inside the cupboards, or over a fence. But Dane can. 

We have had this high chair for 5 years and this is the first time we had to use the straps. 
I am not ok with this.


  1. I completely know what you mean!! I never used straps or a leash even with my first two kidos. I thought that people who put a baby on one of those leashes were awful people until I had Evan. Evan is into EVERYTHING & ANYTHING. Same as you crawling on everything including crawling out of his crib. I can't take him outside without him running all over the place into other people's yards 3 houses down. It's craziness. I tell my hubby that he is gonna be diagnoised with ADHD..LOL!! I really hope not but it wouldn't surprise me. GREAT POST by the way. Glad someone else's child is JUST LIKE MINE!! I hope this 4th child is CALM.

  2. Auntie Patty9/20/2010

    Go Dane!!! Now you know what a REAL kid is like!!!! LOL

  3. Maybe it's a 3rd child thing cause Emma is the same way. We call her "The Destroyer" cause she destroys everything in her path. She also climbs like nobody''s business and has already had a head CT and neck x-ray after one of her many "incidents!"
    At least they keep things exciting right!!!

    -Tell Sherman hi for me!

  4. This is what happens when you mock other peoples children ~ Ask me I know! Karma Sucks!

  5. Marimom9/21/2010

    Just look at that face....he knows he is sooooooooooo cute!!! Just to let you know, Jeremy could climb before he walked....sorry about that!!! Just keep an eye on that little Houdini!! Hugs and kisses to all of them!!!

  6. I hear Natalie and Dane are one in the same. Baby Godzilla is her name around here and gives me that same stinkin' look. I'm way too old for this kind of trash!

  7. so i just found your blog through the leelou blog and i'm cracking up because you and i are so similar. not only in (apparently)personality, but in name is brynn and i have a son named kellan. very similar to your children's names! i'll definitely be reading your blog on a regular basis!