September 15, 2010

Zoo and waterpark

While we were in Portland this summer, we went to the most fun water park with Jena and her family. Jena might be my favorite person in the world. Just so you know.

Before we headed home we hit the Portland Zoo.

Here's Brynlie with a Polar bears butt.

B and K watching a Polar bear pee into the water

Aaaaaand we're done.


  1. Julie: I'll take one of everything on your blog!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely darling pics.

  2. Awww...thanks! I miss you guys. I love Kelson's face in that last picture. Annnnnddd....can I tell you how much I want that pie that Jeremy is eating in the post below? It is screaming my name!
    Ps. I love Kelson's b-day invite. You have twelve thousand talents.

  3. You guys take the BEST pictures!! I love your blog. Uncle Lynn is diggin' Kelson's best talent. :)

  4. Fun at the Portland Zoo! I can't believe we live so close to you and haven't seen you yet. I actually drive through Klamath Falls every time I go home to Nevada and I always think of you as we drive through! :)

    I can also sympathize with the Dr. Bills. We have had tubes in all my kids ears...every winter. I am just barely getting them paid off and now we are headed into another Winter! Here we go again....

  5. Marimom10/01/2010

    Just looking at your blog again and loving it. Just noticing that not only do I have adorable grandbabies...but that son of mine is pretty dang cute too!! Love you guys............