August 05, 2011

Baby Landyn

She's here! Monday morning I was induced and just 2 hours later little Landyn Marie Macdonald was born. 
She was 8lb 5oz and 21 inches long. 
She has a head full of hair and has pretty much been sleeping since she got here.  
Brynlie is in heaven! All 3 kids have been fighting over who gets to hold Landyn. Dane is pretty dangerous around her but still wants to "hold it" constantly. 
I'll write more later, but for now you can check out these cute pictures of this sweet girl.


  1. Look at that hair! She is adorable! Congrats and hope you and baby are doing great!

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful. I can't believe all of that hair! I hope you are feeling well. Great job!

  3. Gorgeous, beautiful, cute, adorable, and much more. Can't wait to see her. Love to you all.

  4. Congratulations, Julie! I am in LOVE with that hair!

  5. Auntie Jan8/07/2011

    What a cutie!! I can't wait to hold it, too!!
    XX00 Auntie Jan

    Hey Jules, Congrats on your new baby girl. Can't wait to see her.

  6. What a cutie, and I love the full head of hair!

  7. Aunt Patty8/08/2011

    So happy for you! Yeah for Brynlie!!! Now your family is complete! Enjoy every minute!

  8. Congratulations!!! Glad everything went so quickly for you! She sure is a cutie!

  9. So so beautiful! I wish I was there so I could take selfishly take pictures of her cute face! The name is adorable and I am so glad you don't have to be pregnant in July anymore-totally know that "heck." ;)

  10. Marimom8/21/2011

    Ohhhh so glad I got to "hold it" when you made the trip for Heather's b-day! She is so precious! Can hardly wait to see ALL of you again soon! hugs and kisses to all my little munchkins!!

  11. Yea! Congrats. She is cute. I love the hair.

  12. Congratulations!!! She's beautiful. I had no idea you had here. So sorry we've lost touch, makes me sad :( I'm slowly getting back into designing, it's just hard with 4 kids! My little Keoni is now 6 mos old. They grow so fast. Hey shoot me an email when you get time or Facebook me.